Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Still Alive

I cannot believe how long I've not updated my blog. I am not sure whether is it due to laziness of just plain busy. I just like spending time with the dogs and watching my TVB shows..I'm embarrass/proud to say that I've officially done watching The gem of life, Moonlight Resonance AND When cat loves a dog (don't remember the title). Yeahh...I've been very busy watching my shows and I've been trying to clean and tidy up the house more because PIL is actually down here. We were supposed to meet up with them at a state park Friday evening but early Friday AM uncle Richie was admitted to the hospital. He had a ruptured ulcer and needed surgery. I was so worried and was waiting to hear from Aunt. Hubby and I decided that we would not go up there because Aunt would need that night and we wanted to head to the hospital to see Uncle Richie. He looked so tired and weak that night we were there. We didn't leave our house until noon on Saturday to go visit him because we slept in as we got to bed late after coming back from the hospital and clean some.
Saturday evening we decided to take a trip to see PIL and would come back Sunday to see Uncle Richie. We didn't get to the hospital until about 8:30pm because FIL was cooking at our place and everyone was coming over for dinner. Dinner wasn't finished till then. Ever since then I've been going to the hospital to visit Uncle Richie because Aunt is really busy at work and cannot spend the whole day at the hospital with Uncle Richie. I'm so glad that Uncle Richie is discharged today!He was in the hospital for 5 days and he would not be able to go back to work for 4-6weeks!!That's how bad his condition is but thankfully Uncle Richie is a strong person and he looks so much better!Apart from the long scar and it hurting he looks fine. At least I don't have to be at the hospital now I can just walk over and visit him.
PIL together with SIL went to San Antonio for a couple of days and will be back on Thursday. PIL will be heading home I think either on Friday or Saturday morning as BIL school starts on Monday.

* Saya bersukur saya tidak tingal dengan mertua ku. Banyak mertua sangat senang untuk tinggal bersame tetapi ada beberapa mertua sangat susah untuk tinggal bersama.

I used to have pretty decent Malay when I was still in Malaysia apparently my Malay has rusted..Gosh I think I need to practice my Malay more...I guess at least I can still spill out a few words here and there huh..

Since things are slowly settling down I have a list of things/errands that needs to get done:
* Pick up my dry cleaning
* Reply a ton of emails that I have out there
* Spend more time job hunting

The list don't just stop there but that's my top priority at this time. :(

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