Friday, February 27, 2009

Smelling good

I love it when people take the time and initiative to make themselves smell good. When I go out I get attracted to people walk pass me that smells good that’s why I love going to Abercrombie and Fitch store because their store always smell so good.
For me sometimes I tend to go overboard with spraying my perfume. I love to smell good all day long so I would spray a ton of perfume but I think sometimes it goes over spraying myself with the perfume but the problem is I get so used to it that I don’t smell the perfume on me for long and it makes me feel like I don’t smell good. I love a good smelling perfume and so far my favorite perfume is Ralph Lauren Romance. My very first bottle of Romance is from my best friend because her ex boyfriend bought her one and I loved that smell so for my birthday she bought me a bottle too. I love this perfume so much that I’ve recommended this perfume to a lot of people and they love it too. Now that I've found perfume blog I can share my opinion with not only my current friends and family but also with people that has the same interest as me to talk about perfumes.

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