Friday, February 6, 2009

Officially Mine!

I don't like to claim things mine until I know for sure is MINE!I don't like to have things given to me and then taken from me because is a mistaken or some stupid reason but I am proud to announce that Milo is now officially ours. I know Milo has been with us for more than a month now and I do claim that he's ours but then with caution because I don't want some one to show up and tell me that Milo belongs to them and give me some crappy story and then I'll have to return him. Anyhow Milo behaved like he hasn't been feeling well for the past two mornings. He would just go outside and dribble a couple drops of pee and would stand there for like the longest time. I was afraid that he had like a bladder infection or what ever and was monitoring him because at noon onwards he would be just fine. Anyway I decided to take him to see a vet and I figure if I was going to take him to the vet I might as well get him his shots and do tests on him to see if he was healthy.

The test came out great and Milo is very healthy. Hubby stopped by the animal hospital when hubby found Sadie and Milo to see if they were microchiped but they were not microchiped. They also told hubby that they think that they are a mixture of a chihuahua and something. When I took Milo in yesterday they told me that he's more of a mixture of miniature pinscher and chihuahua and maybe something more. I quickly came home and googled min pin and both hubby and I think that Milo actually looks more like a min pin.

Picture of a min pin that I googled

Picture of Milo

Well I guess it doesn't matter if he's more of a min pin than a chihuahua just as long as he's healthy that's all that matters to us. The Vet said that Milo is about 1.5 years old. I felt so bad for him when they were trying to draw blood from him to do his heat worm test. He screamed and cry so loud and I just wish that they would stop but when they redrew his blood from his other paws because the first one was not enough he was just fine. Poor Milo he was in pain but I could not do anything. He was so horrified that he just jumped on my lap when the nurse release him. Luckily Milo didn't try to bite or growl at the nurse or the doctor he was such a good little boy. They said they could see how Milo is attached to me.

I'm going to have to take Milo back to the vet next month for his booster shot and eventually make an appointment to neuter him and get him microchiped. Stanley is going to need to get microchiped too and I'm planning to tell them that they will need a muzzle for Stanley because Stanley will be ugly at that time.Hopefully it won't hurt any of them too bad.

So after spending the money on Milo I declared to everyone that Milo is now officially OURS! I will not let anyone take him away from me!!! :)

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