Saturday, October 17, 2009

2009 Internation Quilt Festival

Hub's aunt that resides in Wisconsin had one of her photography picked to be shown in the International Quilt Festival that was held in Houston. Since she don't have any plans to come down yet she asked if we (me or aunt L) could go there and take photos of her photos and other photos there. I didn't agree to go straightaway because I didn't want to go there by myself to just take photos and I am not even interested in Quilts!

Anyway Aunt L thought that we should go for the Quilt festival Saturday evening and Uncle Richie (yes we drugged him with hubby got lucky because he had to work), Aunt L, SIL and me went to the quilt festival. That place was huge and filled with quilt lovers. We didn't go through everything because we were not really that interested but we were very impressed with some of the quilts there. Some of the quilt there was just so surreal and it actually looks like a picture instead of quilt.
Can you believe this is a quilt?

The cheapest quilt for sale was about $400 plus dollars! Even though they were beautiful but I just cannot play such money for a quilt. I really don't know how to appreciate quilt that much!. I think this was a great experience but I doubt that I would be interested in quilting at this moment.

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