Thursday, October 1, 2009

Milo might be sick.............*Updated*

Milo was fine all day yesterday but when it was time to go to bed Milo started acting funny. First I toss the blanket over him like I always do every night to make him move he started to yelp. Then when I wanted to touch him he'll yelp and growl after that I would touch him again he seems fine. I examined him yesterday and I didn't see any scratches or hot spots or anything. At first I assumed that he had a hot spot because the last time when he had hot spot he was fine all afternoon but when I touch him later he was yelping and I found out that he had a patch of hot spot.
I thought he might have broken bones or anything like that because hubby accidentally stepped on his paw last night but he was fine after that jumping around and running around so I don't think that he has a broken bone.

He was yelping here and there all night long. He was sleeping on my pillow and I was just moving the blanket several times and he just yelped. He looked like he was jumping the bed just fine although not as fast as he used to be.

This morning when I tried to pat his head he yelped really loud and was trying to nip me. When I touched it again after that he was fine and I could not see anything wrong with his head/ears. I am so worried and I quickly called the vet's office. They don't even know what's going on with Milo. I don't even know what's going on with Milo so I cannot even google it to find out. The Vet said I should just monitor him and take him in if anything happens. I could drop him off at the vet and let them monitor them but if he's not showing any sign on exactly where he's hurting they cannot do anything too and I would just end up being slap with a few hundred dollar bills for test and stuff plus they might still not being able to find out what happen to him. Uncle Richie said that all I could do is just monitor him because even if I drop him off at the vet they would do the same thing.

I am worried seeing my poor baby but I really don't know what going on. He's eating fine and he's running fine although not as quickly as he was. What should I do? Would you drop your pet off at the Vet?

*Update*** Milo is all better now..He's as hyper as he was before. He was being cranky or not so hyper the next two days too and has not been playing with dear Stanley but after that he's all better like before. Basically I really don't know what happened to him but I'm glad that I didn't have to fork out a couple hundred dollars but still good my hyper boy back..xoxo


2crazydogs said...

I would monitor him very closely at home. Maybe he has a sprain somewhere. Monitor another day or two and if he still yelping when you touch him, then you might want to bring him in. maybe the vet can do an x-ray on him. Milo is good huh, if he is not feeling good, he would yelp to let you know. My boys don't utter a sound which is worse. We only find out they are not feeling good when they act slow, limping or something like that.

Sunshine said...

I am not sure he's yelping when he don't like it when we touch him!he seems fine last night slept all through the night but when I tried carrying him he yelped but when I carried him again he's fine. Stanley learning how to yelp when he don't like anything I do to him too today!I wonder where are they learning all these!
They normally don't yelp when they are not feeling well unless is hurting them. I don't think the boys (which is really frustrating) knows how to tell us when they are not feeling well like now. I have no idea what's wrong with him or he's just crabby!

2crazydogs said...

oooo, good to hear that. when cooper was back to his romping around the backyard with Chase, I knew his viral infection has passed a burden lifted off.


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