Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Embarrassed !!!

I went to the store just now intending to buy some plastic totes to transfer some of the items we still have in card board boxes to totes because Uncle Richie said that card board boxes will attract silver fish. I hate silver fish because they will eat my nice clothes and sweater so I'm trying to eliminate card board boxes in my house to get ride of the silver fish. I didn't get the plastic totes though because they didn't have the size that I wanted that was supposed to be on sale.

Anyway I bought some other stuff and proceeded to go pay. When she was done ringing all my stuff I proceeded to swipe my credit card to pay for my merchandise. I swiped my card and was about to sign the machine but the cashier told me that my card was denied but she told me to swipe again and it was declined again!!OMGawd!!What happened I asked myself. So the cashier asked if I had another card which I had but I was so shocked that I didn't even know which card to use. I was stumbling to think which other card I wanted to use and then paid for my purchases.

As soon as I left the cashier; while going to my car I straightaway called the credit card company. I was upset because I knew that my card was not denied because we didn't make any payment or we over use our card and I could not think of another reason why my card was denied. I told customer service that I was about to use my card a minute ago and they told me that my card was denied. I wanted to know the reason why my card was denied because I'm up to date on my payment and it was really embarrassing to get my card denied!

Customer Service said that someone got the hold of my credit card number and made some charges on my card. They are not going to charge me for the purchases made by them. They have decided to shut down my credit card and will send me a new card. We are going to get a whole new account etc. I was shocked when I was listening to her because everything happened so fast. They claimed that they tried to call me yesterday which I think they did but they did not leave any message on my phone. I normally don't answer calls that I don't recognize the number that's why I didn't answer their call (if it was them anyway).

At least I know what is going on but I cannot help feeling so embarrassed. I think the cashier was thinking if you don't have money you should not be buying stuff!


2crazydogs said...

I have those experiences before and usually it's either my credit card or debit card expired. Oh. I will turn red - just feeling hot in my head, ears and sort of like shaking!! And worse is I know I activated the new cards but still no go at the cashiers. So embarassing. My credit union too will cancel my accounts if they find suspicious activities on my account. The previous time there were a few tranactions for $800+ on the debit and couple thousand on my credit card. They will send me a letter telling me they close that account and I will receive new cards.

Sunshine said...

This is the first time that actually happened to me. Luckily I have other cards if not I don't even know what will happen. I think a $20 transaction actually triggered them but not sure coz I cannot really hear the lady. At least they are efficient..phew..


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