Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Chicken Caesar Salad

Every time we eat out and if it comes with a salad I've been order Caesar salad and to my surprise the hubs has been ordering that too (he is very picky with his vegetables and he only eat certain kind of vegetables and salad dressing).

Last weekend when we went shopping I asked the hubs if he to eat Caesar salad at home which he replied yes so I said then we got to get some Romaine Lettuce but he told me that he don't eat Romaine Lettuce. I then proceeded to tell him that we use Romaine Lettuce to make Caesar salad and he agreed to get some.

One of the ingredient to make the Caesar dressing is Anchovy Fillets (not our dried Anchovy/ikan bilis) and I knew that hubs would not eat Anchovy but I was with him and needed him to stop at Krogers to buy a can hence I need to tell him what I needed as Sams or Costco don't sell them and even if they did I would not buy a case of them!


1 large head romaine lettuce (washed over and thoroughly dried)
1 1/2 cups garlic-flavored croutons
parmesan cheese
freshly grated black pepper (to taste)


2 anchovy fillets (or to taste)
3fresh garlic cloves (or to taste)
1 cup mayonnaise (not salad dressing)
1/4 cup half-and-half cream or milk
1/3 cup grated parmesan cheese
2 tablespoons fresh squeezed lemon juice
1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
salt and pepper
2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce (or to taste) (optional)
buttermilk or half-and-half, for thinning


1. In a small 2-cup mini food processor, process/mince the anchovy fillets and garlic together until finely minced (do this together and firstly, otherwise it will not get minced properly with the other ingredients).

2. Add in the remaining ingredients, and process for 30 seconds, or more until well mixed.

3. Adjust seasonings to taste.

4. This with buttermilk or milk for a thinner consistency if desired

5. Store in fridge, covered in a glass container for 3 or more hours before using (the flavors become stronger when left in the fridge for a longer time)

6. Toss desired amount of dressing with Romaine lettuce and croutons.

7. Sprinkle with more grated Parmesan cheese if desired.

After making the dressing I quickly took out two chicken breast and sprinkle some poultry seasoning to marinate. We marinated the chicken overnight because we didn't eat this on Monday as planned. So on Tuesday I took the chicken out from the fridge and used my George Forman to cook the chicken. I didn't even use a single drop of oil because I figure the oil will come from the chicken if not is just fine.

The Caesar dressing is just yummy. Hubby could not even taste the Anchovy Fillet but he knew that there was some. He was hesitant at the beginning but then he decided to give it a try anyway. When I went to Krogers to look for the Anchovy it took me a long time because it was in such a small can and hidden away. Anyway when I found it I took the first can and thankfully for some reason I checked the expiration date which I don't normally to find that it was expired on March 2006! I went back to the stack and managed to find one that would expired on August 2010 but there was a bunch that had already expired from 2006 on. I went to the Customer Service and told the guy and he seemed concerned or like he was listening to me and when a manger happened to walk pass us and he told the manager the manager didn't even seemed like he cared!I was shocked but I don't care my ass is not the one that will get sued if someone actually get sick from eating it after I already told them. I am just curious to see if they actually threw it away but I'm not going to waste my time and gas to drive there for nothing!

Now I have to decide what to make for dinner on Wednesday night. Two nights down just three more nights to go!Hubby took the leftover chicken and made a salad for lunch on Tuesday so we are not going to be having salad again on Wednesday.


2crazydogs said...

I didn't know know Ceasar dressing has some anchovies in them! Wow, learned some thing good today!! My hubby don't fancy Caesar salad much. He is a Ranch or Western dressing person.

I don't normally look at expiration dates but now since you mentioned it, I should make that as a habit.

Sunshine said...

My hubby like Westin but then they don't sell it down here. My hubs just started to learn how to eat Caesar Salad. LOL

Sasha said...

thanks for visiting and thanks for sharing. I always love ceasar salad but dunno how to make. But if i make then i gotto eat it myself cos my family all "rice bucket" and soup ppl. Sigh..

Sunshine said...

Thanks for dropping by Sasha!You can half the recipe and eat it by yourself. My hubs is not a fan of salads too but here and there he can eat he's not a fan at rice here!LOL..the dressing taste better a couple of days too. Hope you enjoy the recipe :)

aVieo0o said...

Just go to http://gickr.com/ and upload ur pics to make a .gif!!


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