Thursday, September 3, 2009

Deciding on what to cook

Does anyone out there have any problems on thinking what to cook for dinner every night? I have problems most of the time thinking what to cook for dinner. When I have craving for something it is easier because then I'll know what I should cook if not hubby is no help at all most of the time and me I'm just not that picky. I know a lot of people have a menu/schedule on what they will eat 3 meals a day but I'm not able to do that because the hubs and I change our mind quite frequently. I can tell the hub that I'm making this or that for dinner and when dinner comes he tells me he doesn't feel like having that *slap head* just like a little kid! Some days I have no problem just whipping up something but this two weeks every since the hubs been sick I just run out of ideas what I want to make for dinner. I know that he doesn't have much appetite and I don't want to cook too heaty food for him (like fried/grill/bake) but there is only so much food you can cook and he'll eat.
Monday we had leftovers from Sunday which consist of rice and curry chicken. Tuesday we had soup and Wednesday we had steak on the grill with potatoes. Today I am not sure what I want to make!Hubby suggested salad which I have lettuce in the refrigerator but I am think he might change his mind when he gets back. I don't really want to eat salads lately so even if he wants salad tonight I would be eating other thing which most likely means instant noodles if I don't think of anything to cook.
Days when we just say ok we don't know what to eat let's just eat out. There is the problem of where to eat!We'll discuss and think about it until we are fed up and go back to the same old place again!I'm just wondering how everyone else out there decided where or what to eat everyday? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


2crazydogs said...

Oh I have that problem on what to cook every night. When I cook on a Sunday, I will make a double or triple portion of the dish so we can have that for the next few days. Lately I'm just craving for curry, so whatever curry I make (out from the packet la) hubby will eat.

Usually if there is no left overs, I have to crack my brains on what to make. I always have sour mustard (haarm choy) store in the pantry. That is one of our favs. Another one that is easy for me to cook is chicken and lots of ginger with sesame oil/oyster sauce. I know, like confinement food! I think I had that when my sister had her confinement in Ipoh then. Hahahaha!

Crockpot dishes are helpful too but I'm so tired of the blah taste.

I like soup but the hubs don't drink our Chinese soup even tho I don't put in ginseng or kei chi. ABC soup also have to look, think and then have a bowl with crackers.

Sunshine said...

Your hubby eat's curry too??What you mean from the packet? Those all ingredients in the packet already is it?Isn't those more expensive?

I used to like to cook a bunch and have it for left overs but then lately we just like to eat it for one meal max two meals then takut also so now I try and cook enough for one meal so we 're not afraid of it but if I cook food like curry chicken I'll freeze half and eat it months later.

Huh your hubs eat haarm choy?I don't think my hubs will eat it although I've not tried it too though. Sometimes I think he don't eat the food he actually like it.

I love confinement food like the ginger chicken but then for me if I eat too much ginger very yeat hei (heaty) for me lehh. I wanna make the kai chau (chicken alcohol) but I don't have the alcohol to make it so I've not cook ginger chicken in a long time already :)

When I was living up North I cook crockpot dish more now less but I love to use my crockpot. Do you know you can use your crockpot and cook a chicken and it will kind off turn out like rotisserie chicken.

Mine would not drink herb soup. I don't make much soup if I cook herb soup I drink it myself. ABC soup leh he said oh like chicken noodle soup missing the noodle ask me to put noodles in for him!!*slap head*

When I was working I used to cook a bunch weekend or when I cook so that I have food for lunch too. I understand by cooking more now I have the choice of not cooking so much yet I think when I start working again it'll be like that too.

2crazydogs said...

The packet curry paste, I meant :) I brought back from M'sia and Spore the last trip, not too many but easy for me coz honestly I'm not really into cooking. So take the easy way out la! :)

Oh the ginger chicken I don't have the rice wine too but I only use Shao Shing rice wine. Hubby like it too, thank goodness.

I found this recipe to make rice wine.

Oh I didn't know using the crockpot we can make rotisserie chicken look alike? How?

I know for sure when winter comes, we will cook more in the crockpot - stews!

Do you plan to go back to work?

Sunshine said...

You don't really like to cook is it?It is different if you don't like to cook but then you still make the effort..pretty good...

Hmp..I should try the ginger chicken and see if my hubs would eat but I doubt he would coz he don't like the shao shing wine smell.

This is the recipe for the rotisserie chicken

I do plan to go back to work actually I've been looking for work since I moved down here but then cannot find any or some not suitable for me.


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