Monday, September 7, 2009

Stimulating the economy

Personally I think the government of the USA should have more public holidays. We only have a handful of public holidays a year unlike Asian countries. I think that when is an extended weekend or when there is a public holiday people will definitely go out and do stuff hence they will be spending money. I feel that every time when there is a public holiday hubs and I would help stimulate the economy too so since the economy not doing too well I think they should have more public holiday so that people will spend their money (not us hopefully).

This time round the damages done to our bank accounts or doing our part in stimulating the economy for this extended holiday would be

A) Finally bought my Oakley Asian Fit that I talked about here. The hubs was getting tired of hearing me talk about dragging my feet to buy them for over a year now that he just bought me one :). Since they don't have it at the Oakley stores we had to order online. Hopefully these babies will last me a long time!

B) We went over to Ikea on Saturday morning and bought some nick nacks. It wasn't a lot but it did add up very quickly though :(

C) We went to Cosco and Sams and bought I am not sure what but spend a couple of hundred. Seriously we bought stuff but is not a lot and I don't even recall or seeing it. The only thing I recall is buying King Size Pillows and a few pairs of socks..Apart from that I seriously don't remember. I know that we didn't drop any money on groceries because I already got our groceries on my many trips to the store myself during the week.

D) Finally our biggest purchases for the weekend..Three brand new toilets for the house! When we moved in we knew that we were going to be changing the flooring in the bathrooms therefore we decided to wait till then to change the toilets.

If I was working in the White House and they ask my suggestions on how to stimulate the economy I think having extended holidays would be the best way. People will definitely spend more money on extended holiday because I'm a good example!:P


2crazydogs said...

Yeah I wish we have more state and fed holidays too, like each state should have their own holidays, eg. Governor's b'day!

I have to agree, going to Sam's Club and Costco, the money I forked out is bigger than the amount of stuff I buy. i have been doing most of my groceries at Aldi's, no name brands but still as good for half a fraction of what we pay at usual grocery store.

Sunshine said...

When I was working I hate it coz not much holiday and when I call home they are always having holiday for every little thing!!arghhh...

When I was living up North I do my groceries at Aldi's too but here no Aldi's sob sob..seriously I miss buying their can stuff there coz so much cheaper! I don't care for their fresh produce there though but I still buy them if I know I'm going to use it in a couple of days. Their frozen stuff is cheap too..can't find a place here similar to Aldi's. And I miss trader's joe too coz here don't have that..


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