Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I love presents!

I blog hop here and there when I have time and I see that there is a lot of blogs out there that have giveaway. I've never joined any giveaway because I don't think that I'm lucky enough to win anything. Anyway I've join some giveaway on a couple of blogs that I happen to stumbled upon just because I thought I'll try my luck and hopefully some time I would be able to win something.

Anyway I was surprise to receive an email from barb that I won Prize Pack from Victoria Hill Farm. I was really happy because this is the first time I actually won something without really doing anything. Thanks Barb!
I am very happy with my presents. Now I just have to make it to the store to get my free cookies. I told hubs I'm feeling lucky maybe I will win more goodies..


2crazydogs said...

Wow, lucky you. Congrats! I signed up for giveaways at different blogs, too, but no luck so far. But i will keep trying tho! Never know one day I will get something.

Sunshine said...

Yeah yeah!!I thought I won't win it too but then luckily I did..don't give up and you won't lose anything when you sign up too right?

HoustonWok said...

I am glad you won something cause I never do, no matter what. i could tell the person i will pay for the item, just let me win, stil no luck.lol

Sunshine said...

HoustonWok: I was just plain lucky or maybe they just wanted me to stop participating in every single give away they have and just shut me up LOL


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