Saturday, September 26, 2009

Shopping Again!

We got up early morning to head to REI to do some shopping. Although we didn't buy a lot of stuff but we still spend more money that I thought I would there.

The only thing that cost the most is the Coleman propane stove we bought. I've always wanted one so that when we go camping we can cook something instead of just grilling food on our portable grill all the time. Even though we don't go camping that much but I figure when I need to cook my pungent food I can cook it outside with this portable stove.

When we were done with REI we were both starving so I suggested we go to the BBQ buffet place. I know we should not have because we were just going to stuff our face but I was so hungry I just thought the heck with it :P.

After a very heavy brunch we went home and just chill. We watch some show on TV and I suggested to hubby to stop at the mall. Hubby agreed to it but then I wanted to change my mind because going out meaning spending more money but hubby said could just walk around and I agreed.

I didn't have anything that I wanted to buy but when I went in Coach I did try on a pair of shoes. I would like to buy them just because I wanted a pair but I knew I would not really wear it so I told hubby that I didn't want them although he was more than willing to buy it for me :) Then we went in Columbia and that was where the damages were done.

I love the Ashtanga™ II Pant so much that I got both the colors. At first when I tried the black color. I so wanted to buy bark/brown color too but I could only find it in S/regular and I needed the S/short because I'm short :P. After searching none available hubs suggested that I asked the Sales Assistant and she finally found one for me :).

When I first met hubby he had a lot of dark colored clothing and had very little colored clothing. I like it when the hubs wear different color clothing instead of just dark colored so I've been buying him more clothing with different color and I guess his taste changed and he likes to wear other color too. While I was busy looking for my pants hubby helped himself to some of the short sleeves shirts. He bought almost all the color available in his size. I was shocked but I am happy that he was willing to wear nicer casual shirts like this instead of just t-shirts.


2crazydogs said...

I wear Short for pants length too. I have to say it's very hard to find pants for me...I'm not the average short. MOst of the time I have to alter the length.

Sunshine said...

Pants are always too long for me so when I find one that looks good I like to buy it in every color..crazy hor? I have to alter some too..I used to buy kids pants.

2crazydogs said...

OMG, I still buy kids' pants too. Yes, I buy various colors of the same design coz it fits me. Of all stores that really have pants that fit me Aeropostle and Kohls junior pants fit me. Sometimes shoes I have problems too, so go to the kid section again, which i have to admit, it's cheaper.

Sunshine said...

You looks so much tinier than me I'm assuming you buy kids clothes too. I used to buy Aeropostle too but then I find that their sales is not as good and their stuff is not as cheap as it used to be so I don't really buy anything from there anymore. When I first started shopping there their stuff was so darn cheap but now I find that even their sale is not cheap just average..


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