Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What have I done to my hubby?

Ever since I moved here and started cooking I try to make my food from scratch so I'm able to see and control what I put in the food. Hubby is always the one trying to tell me to just buy from the store because is easier and less work for me.

A couple of weeks ago I had some apples sitting on my kitchen counter and I knew that I had two store bought pie crust (I buy it in case I need it but lazy to make) so I thought I would make an apple pie for the hubs because he's been asking for some apple pie.

As soon as he puts a fork full in his mouth the hubs asked if I made the pie crust. I proceeded to tell him that is store bought. He then said that next time he thinks I should make the pie crust too..0_0. The next day when Uncle Richie was over we offered him some pie and he mentioned to Uncle Richie that he don't think that the pie crust is that good which shocked Uncle Richie..LOL..

The most shocking one was two night ago. I was heating up some Spaghetti and meatballs that I defrosted from the freezer for hubby(I would make batches and freeze it so that hubs can have spaghetti and meatballs anytime he wants) and Uncle Richie was there so I offered him some too. There was not enough homemade spaghetti sauce with the meatballs so I had to open a store bought jar of spaghetti sauce and add to the noodles and meatballs. The first bite hubby took he asked if this was store bought sauce. Uncle Richie looked at him and was shocked! I was pretty surprised myself because hubby was never this picky. Lately I noticed that he likes to eat homemade food especially food made from scratch more.

Uncle Richie said that he's too spoiled now. Hubs should just be happy that he has home cook food to eat. He said that I should not cook so much food from scratch and spoil the hubs like that. He told hubby that if he wanted it homemade he should make it himself and to hubs defense I don't like hubs to cook in the kitchen because he uses every utensils, plate, bowls, pots and pan or anything thing he can find in the kitchen when he cooks. He is also very messy when he cooks because he'll use all the utensils etc and leave it till he's done hence making the kitchen so messy and dirty. To prevent from needing to clean up after him I rather do the cooking and clean my own little mess.

I'm not sure what have I done to my hubby. Maybe I should stop making everything from scratch so that hubby is not so picky with his food. Thankfully hubby will still finish up his food without much complain even though it was not made from scratch.


Shern's mom said...

you must be one hell of a good cook! that's why your hubs can tell if the food is good or not. You're not spoiling him, he simply loves home-cooked food made by you.

He's sure one lucky fella.

2crazydogs said...

That's good he likes home cooked food. Good for you, job well done, pat on the shoulder, girl. I too think you are not spoiling him. It's call love la! :)

Sunshine said...

Shern's mom...Hey!!Welcome back!!How are u doing?How's the little baby girl treating you there?Miss ya...

I don't know if the hubs love home cooked food made by me that much I have a feeling he's just really picky that's all!hahaha

Dawn,Love means I have more work to do in the kitchen?I do plan to go work when I find a job that's the troublesome part because at that time if that time comes I don't think I might have that much time to cook for him!but he'll suck it up :P LOL


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