Friday, September 4, 2009

Found it!

I've been searching for an Asian grocery store closer to my house for quite some time so that I don't have to stock up on some of the items in my house. I normally go to the Asian store about 35minutes from my house which is not too bad but then I have to pay several tolls to get there too so I've been hoping to find one closer to home and no need to pay toll. I know of one that's closer to my house but I don't like driving through to get there because there is a lot of stop signs on my way there.

Those who are living in Houston and if you are living near Memorial I found Super H Mart. When I was driving to this place I got a little annoyed because my darn GPS was taking all sorts of places and if you are living in Houston you know that some places you just don't want to be there. On my way home I found out that there is actually a straight shot way there. Anyway I was hoping that my drive would be worth it moreover is just about 7.5 miles from my house with no tolls! When I arrived there and went it was all worth it. The produce department was all nicely stacked and it looks nice and fresh like shopping in Krogers but with a vast variety of selection of fruits and vegetables. The meat and seafood department was not far behind with the selection and the cleanliness. I was awe by the selection and the stuff it was available at this store!

This place has a nice looking food court with lots of Korean food served there. Next time when I go there I'm going to have some Korean food. It has a little bakery that serves Asian bread and pastries too.

The most important about this store is when you walk in there is no weird smell/odor. Some of the Asian grocery store here when you walk in there is the pungent smell and the hubs hates it. It is not like I love smelling it but I tolerate it because I get to buy stuff so if hubs is with me he'll be rushing me so with Super H Mart I'm sure he won't be rushing me.

I'll still need to go to the other Asian grocery store to get spices and some stuff because they don't have everything here but at least for a lot of things I don't need to drive that far to get it.

I'm so happy that I decided to visit this store today because now I have all the ingredients I need to cook Hokkien Mee that I've been craving for weeks now.

Lastly the price of this place is comparable to the rest of the Asian grocery store and the normal grocery store like Krogers or HEB.

Super H Mart
1302 Blalock Rd
Houston, TX 77055


2crazydogs said...

I know what you mean with that Asian store "smell". That smell lingers on you the whole day if you don't have a change of clothes or shower when you get home. I remember the first time I went into the Asian 12 years ago, the smell reminded me of the wet market in M'sia. The smell just stays on my hair, jacket, just about everything. My hubs too will hurry me when we go to the Asian store. I never like him to go shopping with me coz he stress me out!

I go to one around my home, Oriental Market. Worse still they do the cooking there too. It's hard to find an asian store that does not have that "smell" :)

Have you been to the asian in MN call United Noodles? Its out in Minneapolis and owned by M'sians. The store smells a little but not so bad.

Sunshine said...

When I was living up North I used to go to Asian grocery store along Nicollet Ave. I've been to United Noodles too and hubs said they are better compared to the ones in Nicollet Ave. When I was living up North I had no choice but need the hub to take me to MN to buy Asian groceries so he has to bare the smell. But you are right very stressful go with the hubs coz always rush me coz it stinks which I don't blame him. Now here I don't need him to take me I go when ever how many times I one that's why I love it!

Do you go Hong Kong Noodle house often in MN too?

2crazydogs said...

Yes, been there a few times but again, not anymore. Kiam sap! :)


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