Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Malaysia Fruit Salad (Rojak)

Uncle Richie bought me a nice big fresh Pineapple a couple of days ago. When I cut the pineapple up it was so sweet, juicy and yummy. I suddenly thought about rojak! I remembered seeing a recipe in My Asian Kitchen website. I quickly go to her website to see what I need to make the rojak sauce.

Recipe adapted from My Asian Kitchen


2.5 cup refine/granulated sugar( if you want your sauce thicker add more sugar)
1/2 cup chili boh or Sambal Olek
3-4 chili padi aka thai's bird chili(chopped fine)
1 tbsp sticky shrimp paste (har ko) must have!!
1.5-2 tbsp of caramel black thick sauce (I use Yuen Chun brand) don't use the regular thick soy sauce,it's smell raw!!(I used ABC Kecap Manis because that's what I had)
1/2 tsp of salt
1/2 tbsp roasted crushed belacan (shrimp paste)
1 lb of fried/roast coarsely crush peanut for sprinkle


1. Prepared a clean medium bowl,combine chili boh/sambal olek ,sugar,salt,roasted belacan,sticky shrimp paste (har koh) and caramel thick soy sauce.Mix all the ingredients in the bowl ,use a spatula or big spoon to stir the mixture until well combine.Keep stirring (about 30 times)until the sauce become thick and gooey ,then add in chopped bird's chili.Check the seasoning (salt and sugar) before store in clean container.(No water needed!!!)

2. Use a clean spoon each time you want to scoop the sauce out.Store the remaining sauce in fridge.Shelf life is about 6 months to a year..

3. Prepare your favourite cut fruits in a plate,add rojak sauce one spoon at a time into your salad.Then sprinkle with roasted crushed peanut on top before serving.

Note: Pineapple and cucumber are fruit which contains higher liquid than others fruits or vegetables.So it's advisable to consume the salad (rojak) immediately after mixing with the sauce. Add peanuts when you're ready to eat to prevent the peanuts from getting soggy.

I have all the ingredients to make the sauce hence I made the sauce immediately. I did add a few tablespoon of water because I find the sauce a little to thick. After making the sauce I was tempted to make my rojak IMMEDIATELY but to notice all I had was pineapples. I was just going to have pineapple but decided to make a trip to my currently favorite store to buy more fruits to make my rojak.

I bought some green apples, mango and cucumber for my rojak. I didn't sprinkle peanuts on my rojak because I was too lazy to grind some up and I'm not a big fan of peanuts on my rojak. I could have added some kangkung and beansprout in my rojak too but then I just wanted mine to be fruit rojak.

I love the rojak sauce!It was so very yummy along with the fruits that I had. I was in heaven when I ate my rojak. My only problem is I can taste the coarse sugar in my rojak sauce. Lesley if you are reading this is it suppose to be like this or should I just add more water to melt the sugar? I know when you buy rojak from the stall back home in Malaysia their sauce is always watery compared to this one. Anyway it was an easy and yummy rojak sauce. I halved the recipe and still have half a bottle of rojak sauce left but Uncle Richie bought me another pineapple so I can have more since there is still fresh fruits around but would not be for long as the weather is getting cooler day by day.


2crazydogs said...

Girl, you really love to cook. I didn't make the rojak sauce, but from a jar. It was good enough tho I added my own thai chilies. Gave a piece of pineapple, dipped a little with the sauce to my hubs, he spat it out right away! It was the belachan that he beh tahan!

Ok, the har kou, is it shrimp paste?

Sunshine said...

I've been cooking a lot more every since we moved down here because its easier to find the ingredients here moreover I'm not working now but yeah I do love to cook LOL

Shrimp paste is har kou the black liquid one you use for asam laksa.I don't even know where mine came from LOL..coz I had some friends that left US back for Malaysia and they gave me stuff each time they leave so I don't even know where I got mine from!

Health Freak Mommy said...

Oh my, you even made rojak sauce from scratch! You can really cook! If you open a restaurant in the US selling M'sian food, I'll bet it will be a great hit!

Sunshine said...

Health Freak Mummy: Thanks for your compliment!I don't know I'm that good to open a restaurant though..


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