Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Should I be happy?

I've been thinking about changing my cell phone plan for quite some time now. I want to change my plan to get the internet so that I can use internet on the go and also use black berry messenger with my friends. Hub's has been thinking of changing my plan for me since he knows I want the internet but I told him I should just wait till my contract ends because I would have to pay $200 plus dollars to cancel my current contract. Well since my Birthday is around the corner the hubs thought that he would surprise me on the day of my birthday with a change contract. He changed my contract so I can have unlimited minutes, text and internet. Wooohooooo...I was happy but then it makes me cringe when I think about the cancellation fee that we're going to have to cough out!

I asked hubs why didn't he discuss with me before changing plans and his answer was he didn't need too...0_0 I know he just wants me to have internet on my phone since he knows I want them..Like hubs said oh well is just once and no I didn't grumble at him :P

I guess I'll be using my cell phone even more now. I'm already using my cell phone to do many things having the internet will just make me make use of my phone even more. I wonder if I should ask hubs for another new phone? (I don't think so because I just got my phone about 6 months ago and hubby's phone is so warn out and has not been changed for a year now so I think he would change his phone first).


Sass said...

so does that mean you can bbm now? msg me your pin then i can add you!

Sunshine said...

yupp...I'll let you know when the plan is in effect.


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