Friday, October 30, 2009

What Would You Do?

I'm currently so bloody frustrated!! Last weekend when hubs invited his co worker and puppy for dinner I told hubby to make sure that the puppy has her shot up to date. Call me paranoid I just don't want the boys to mingle with other dogs that don't have their shots up to date just in case the other dog has any disease that we don't know about and is contiguous. Some disease you won't know about it and won't show up until is too late (I know that is unlikely but there is a possibility). So anyway hubby told me that he don't think that his co worker will bring the puppy over for dinner and when they arrived he had the puppy with her.

I was dumbfounded because hubs said that his co worker was not going to bring the puppy. Anyway we allowed the boys to play with the puppy but Stanley keeps wanting to hump her since she's a female which surprise me because Stanley normally only does it to the female dogs several times and stop but this time he was trying to hump her all evening she was here!

Anyway today the same co worker had hernia today and needed to be admitted to the hospital for his surgery. Hubs had to sent him to the hospital from his home because he could not drive from his apartment to the hospital. Later this evening hubby text me and asked me if I mind that he watched the little puppy. I told him personally I don't agree with this idea because as you know she is still not up to date on her shots and Stanley loves to hump her (which is not a big deal). It just bothers me that she has not have her shots since birth (she's about 4 months old) and has not been to the vet so we don't know how healthy is she.

Hubs started to say well we've had those 4 stray dogs that we found by the road side and I told him that I told him I was not comfortable with those too. I don't want my Stanley to be contaminated with any disease from any of them too but I told him that he insisted on keeping those dogs!I told hubs if it was up to me I would not keep any of those dogs because I don't want any of my dogs to get sick because I was being nice.

Anyway hubs thinks I'm inhumane because I didn't want to take the little puppy since her owner was in the hospital. I asked if his girlfriend or his son (since it was supposed his son's puppy anyway) take the puppy. Well the son is 15 years old and does not have a car to take the puppy which is fine with me but what about the girlfriend. I mean shouldn't she help him out too?

This situation is pissing me off because all I want to do is just protect my boys from any unforeseen diseases. To top things off I am currently watching Uncle Richie's three dogs because they went on vacation!

Do you really think I'm inhumane? Do you think I'm paranoid?


2crazydogs said...

You are not inhumane, you are just protective. Like me too. I'm protective towards the 3 boys. A 4-month old pup with no shots?? that is really absurd. I would have said no too. I suppose Stanley's humping was more on dominance, isn't it? He's neutered right? If you have the pup over put her in the kennel and bring her out for play time, eat/drink/ and potty. Try to distance her from the other dogs in the house. Who knows if she has kennel cough or the parvoro (however you spell it) which can kill a dog and contagious. Man, I can feel your frustrations. Stay cool!

Sunshine said... least some one agrees with me. We were thinking of just putting the puppy in the garage but I think that would be mean coz we are in the house with the boys and she's in the garage because we don't know if she has any disease. Thankfully hubs co worker's gf could take the puppy which I think that was how it was supposed to be anyway!


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