Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fun morning out at the park

I've been taking and meaning to take the boys to the dog park for the longest time but I knew that I could not deal with my two boys by myself so I would have to wait for hubs to go with me. There us normally a lot of people/dogs at the park weekends hence we've not gone to the park yet. Since Stanley is so playful and gets so excited when he sees other dogs/people we do not really want to deal with that thus they have never gone to the dog park before.

SIL found a dog park by where she lives and she's been taking Sadie (her dog) there. I went there with SIL on Friday and told Aunt L about it. We decided to go there with all six dogs on Sunday morning so that the dogs can play together.

The dog park is not very big but is big enough and is fenced in good. The dogs can mingle and play together if they want and the most important thing is there is no one else there. Not many people use this park hence we feel like is our own personal dog park! :)

I've already taken my boys there twice this week and hopefully more to come since the weather has cooled down so much.Aunt L said we should make it a point to take all the dogs there every Sunday morning for a play date.


2crazydogs said...

That's a nice dog park, so clean. The dog park near our home has a pond in the park. I don't take the boys there during spring, summer or fall. I only take them there in the dead of winter and also outside the park where it is a trail for skiers and hikers. There is also another dog park farther from us that has no pond in it but I don't take them there bcoz of allergies. Do you have to pay a fee to get into the park? We do here, $5 a day

Sunshine said...

This park is nice,clean and the most important part is close to our home. There is a ton of dog parks here that I've seen but never been too because is busy or far away. Hubs aunt said that there is some that's really huge too and I read online there are some that has a pond/lake but hub's aunt said is dirty.
I know when we were living in WI they had one dog park and you had to pay $7-$10 per day I'm not sure. Luckily here we don't have to pay anything well at least this park anyway.


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