Tuesday, April 28, 2009

One track mind...

Hubby said that I have a one track mind because I will keep repeating myself if I want something done pretty bad. For example, last weekend hubby had to work so we were driving around town and I told him that the dogs had very little treat left and we should stop at the pet store to get some treats for them. We just bought a different kind of treat a the weekend before but I wanted to get a different kind of treat for them. They have a vvvaaarrrieeeetttyyyy of treats because I don't want them to get bored just eating a specific treat. I need to have premium quality treats for them too because I don't want them to be eating the not so good quality treats. The last time when my in laws came MIL bought two packet of treats for each of them which I think is one of the cheapest treat she can find at the store. At first I didn't want to let them eat those treats and just wanted to give it away but when I left the house for a little while she opened the treats that she bought for them and fed them those treats (before dinner too). I am organize on when I feed the dogs because I don't want to over feed them or under feed them. I feed them snack through out the day but I didn't want to give them anything just before their dinner because I think is bad habit.

Anyway it is still bugging me!!I've been bugging hubby to stop at the pet store to get some treat for them. I've been meaning to go out but since the swine flu outbreak I kind off just want to stay at home and not go anywhere if I don't have to. I will only go to the store when I truly have to(when I run out of vegetables). I think tomorrow I'll just make a run to the pet store to get them their treat because it just bothers me that I haven't bought the treats for them although even if they finished the very last bit of that treat they would still have other treats.Like hubby said I think I just have a one track mind...I'm going to try and be discipline and see how long if I can wait.

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