Thursday, April 16, 2009

Very not so energetic babies!!

We have been trying to make appointment for Milo to get neutered after he was done with his shots but apparently a lot of animal hospital that I called to try to make an appointments are fully. We finally were able to get a date set.
So this morning I had to get up at about 6am(that's really early for me because I don't normally get up this early!)to get ready to take Milo to the clinic (so I don't get stuck in the morning rush). We arrived at about 7am and the clinic only opens at about 7:30am so we had to wait for a little while. I had to fill up some paper work and they told me to put him in one of their crate. My heart almost crushed!I felt so bad for the little guy and I asked the nurse several times if he would be alright and made sure that they call me to update me.
They called me at about 1:30pm to tell me that Milo was out of surgery and he is doing good. I felt so relieved after receiving that call. I could only pick him up after 3pm so that they have a chance to monitor him for a few hours. So I before I picked Milo up I decided to take Stanley to get his yearly shots and microchip. I warned the doctor and the nurse that Stanley is going to need a muzzle because he's going to be upset when they touch his paws or when he gets his shots(he hates pain!duhh!!). He was so freaked out but then I was really proud of my baby because they managed to give him all his shots without too much wrestling with him.
Milo and Stanley's medical bill cost me at least ONE new coach purse if not more. They made a huge dent in our bank account sob sob. The reason why their medical bills cost so much is because Milo had to have two insertion because cryptorchid (one of his testicles didn't drop) so he had to open two insertion hence we had to pay more, then we got him microchip and we had to buy the collar/lamp shade for him so he won't lick his wounds. Stanley however had to get his yearly shots and test for heart worm also I had to buy heartworm medication for him. I even bought a bottle of ear drops for their ears because there is dirt in Stanley's ear so I need the drop to help dry the inside of their ears after their shower.
Milo bumping into kitchen counters.
Tired little boys/low batteries
Anyway after all the drama I finally got both of them home. Uncle Richie came over and visit and they were so calm they didn't even jump all over him like they always do. Milo just laid on the pillow even when hubby came home. I'm sure Milo is in a lot of pain but then I'm hoping that he's not suffering too much. I went out with hubby tonight and normally when we come home I can her them barking for us even from the drive way but tonight they didn't even make a single noise even when we walked right where they were.


Shern's mom said...

These two dogs are sure lucky to have a 'mommy' like you. Poor little babies looked so worn out.

Anyway, how much is the medical bill?

Sunshine said...

Mummy Shern!!!!How are you doing????I thought you are "lost" in the world of pregnancy!!!Haha...They were both extremely worn out.Even when hubby came back they just barked where they were seated..*faint*
Their medical bill came close $600...sei mou...


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