Monday, April 6, 2009

More Crocs!!

Every since my crocs shopping mania experience here I've been looking out for more on Sale crocs. I just love to get them to wear around the house and for the yard too. I have shoes/slippers/sandals for different part of the house because I don't like to have dirt from one area of the house to be brought to another area so I have sandals for both hubby and I for outside, for inside, at the garage, at the kitchen and of course to go out (I have a ton of going out flip flops). Anyway I told hubby if I see crocs on sale again I'll buy more so when guests comes to my house they can take off their shoes and wear crocs around the house but I've yet to get some because I have not seen any that's reasonable enough to buy and just put it at the corner for guests but I did managed to buy some for myself thought 0_0. Over the past two weeks I've bought a pair of crocs each week and I love them.

I love this because I wear them when I'm working on my lawn. The only regret I have is I didn't get any for my mom and dad so that they can use it when they are working on their lawn too. First I thought it looked like clown shoes that's why I was hesitant but after wearing it I figured what the heck if it's just to wear around the yard to work on the yard it doesn't matter if it looks like clown shoes right so I do regret not getting for mom and dad hopefully I can find some on sale again then I would surely get it for them.

I bought these this past weekend and I love them to bits too. I know aunt has a pair and she said that it is really nice and warm in the winter. Well I knew that because when I was trying it on it was pretty chilly and I when I put it on my feet was so warm that I told hubby I really wanted this pair and he gave in to me :). The lining could be taken out to wash too if it gets dirty. Hubby said that this would be my last pair of crocs for a long time because I'm getting a little over board on crocs. There is crocs everywhere in the house :P.
This is my major problem every single time when I buy something I like I'll keep buying it for the fear that they won't make it no more. Actually talking about that OldNavy used to make some flip flops that I love to wear but now they've changed the material of them. I'm not sure if I would still love them wear them but I regret I didn't buy a few more colors when they still had the old once. Hopefully I'm really done with getting crocs for the mean time unless I find some great deals for mom and dad or to have it at the corner of the house for the guest. Hopefully hubby will not grumble if I buy them for the house *finger cross*

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