Monday, March 2, 2009


Uncle Richie is not able to go to work for about 4-6 weeks after his surgery because I think he's not allow to strain any of his tummy area therefore we've been hanging out a lot together. Last week after he got out of the hospital he didn't really do anything because he was still not feeling that well but today Uncle Richie asked if I wanted to go shopping together and of course I said yes because I've not been shopping for like a month now (the last I went was the day before CNY). We left the house and stopped by at one of his friends place and chat for a little while then we headed to the mall. I was walking around not intending to buy anything that I don't need (since times are pretty bad now). I was walking and I saw the crocs store and asked Uncle Richie if he would mind going in and he said no. So off we went and they were having a sale and we both got really excited.

Damaged done by me..

I bought two pairs for hubby (yellow and orange+pink), one pair for my dad (light blue), one pair for my mom (green) and one pair (dark blue) for me.

Uncle Richie bough two pairs each for him and aunt. When I was walking out the store I wanted to roam around and see if I missed any more but Uncle Richie told me to continue my way so I would not be tempted to buy anymore. I started looking some for hubby so he could wear around the house but then when I found more and could not resist myself. Hubby is not a crocs fan but then Uncle Richie said that since is on sale he could just wear it around the house.

After a few hours of walking we were both tired and hungry so we made our way home but stopped by at Chilis to fill our tummy up first. It was so funny because when we go to the gym just both of us together there are people that is thinking Uncle Richie is cheating on his wife with me (I think some actually told Aunt) and so when we were walking out the door Uncle Richie said (loud but not yelling) "I should get home before my wife gets home and see us"..LMAO..some that heard was just looking at us!!I told hubby that when we got home and he just thought that we are mean..

We are planning on going to the Galleria tomorrow let's hope that I won't be tempted to buy anymore.

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