Friday, March 13, 2009

Milo is home!!!

I was so worried about Milo yesterday after I dropped him off at the animal clinic. I wanted to call them to see how he was and to see if he has been looked at. I knew that the staff there had a meeting from 12-2pm so I knew that he wasn't going to be looked at that time and I only dropped him off at about 10:30am. Uncle Richie and Hubby said that I should wait to give them a call so I waited, and waited and waited until 4:30pm then decided to call them. Milo still hasn't been looked at and I was getting agitated because it's taking so long. The vet technician said that Milo would most probable be looked at soon. So I waited again and was about to call to see if he's been looked at by the doctor but I was stopped by Uncle Richie because he said that I'm worrying too much and I should not call them after half an hour :P. Stanley and I missed Milo so much. The house was not the same without him and every time when I saw his other leash my heart ache thinking he's all by himself that I might have abandon him. Uncle Richie said that I'm all freaked out about a sick dog and when I have kids he's not even sure what will happen to me. He thinks that I will go berserk if it was my baby! Anyway at about 5:15pm the doctor called me. He told me that he thinks Milo had a bladder infection and he did an ultra sound on his tummy area and there is a lot of blood there. He said that they are currently trying to make him go pee so that they can do another urine sample to make sure. He told me that we could just start him on antibiotic and hopefully it'll all be good. I arrived at the clinic at about 5:30pm and I saw my little guy at about 5:33pm. I am not sure why they could not take him out to see me quicker. I was so excited and happy to see my little guy. He was hesitant to walk out of the door when the nurse took him out but as soon as he saw and heard me he jumped right to me and looked so happy to see me! He was so excited running in the car on our way home. I was afraid he would pee in the car because he has a UTI infection and could not hold his urine.

Stanley was so happy to see Milo when he walked in to the house. They were playing like lost friends for some time when they saw each other :). Milo was still peeing blood (the doctor to clear out the blood in his bladder area) yesterday. This morning he was peeing normal urine. I think because he has the infection he can't hold his urine for a long time. This morning when I took him out of his crate he started to pee and I quick grab the towel from his crate so it won't be everywhere. He pee so much on the crate even after I wore his leash. I think he could not wait anymore. Hubby and I think that he needs to go out more often until the infection is gone and train him again. What a long day for me yesterday!!!I'm just glad that nothing major happened to my little guy. The vet bill...I'm not even going to say it...Ultrasound, test after test, doctor's visit fee...Milo is free but he's already cost more than Stanley including Stanley's adoption fee. His visit like this to the clinic cost more than my medical bill already *faint*. Anyhow we are just happy to have Milo back with us. :)

I really do wonder how would I be if I have kids. Are the worries worst than this??

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