Thursday, March 12, 2009

Milo is not feeling well

Milo puked two night ago at about 2am. We didn't think anything of it because we know that dogs tend to puke when they have an upset stomach and that was the first time he actually puked so just cleaned the little guy up and went to bed. He was fine, eating and playing the whole of yesterday.
This morning I heard him whining a little and then he started peeing in his crate. Not thinking anything I took him and the crate to the tub. I washed the pee from the crate and noticed a few small drops of blood on the floor so I just took him outside. When we went outside, I didn't think that he had to pee again since he already pee in the crate but he did and I saw dark liquid coming out. I freaked out but tried to find the number for the vet. I could not find the number so I had to call Uncle Richie. I called the clinic but the doctors did not have any available appointment. It will have to be either a walk in or I will have to drop Milo there until a doctor has time to see him today. I didn't know what to do and called Uncle Richie again to make sure that it is normal to drop them off because I feel pretty bad dropping him off and just letting the doctor examine him there since I'm not there. I didn't want Milo to feel that I neglected him in his time of need. Anyway Aunt said that is alright to just drop him off while he is waiting for a doctor to see him and that also gives the nurse a chance to collect some urine sample etc. We were at the clinic and I had to fill in a bunch of forms so I put him down because he was fussing to get down as soon as I put him down he pee blood on the floor. I freaked out and almost cried because I was so scared. The nurses there then told me that is alright and that they think it might just be a bladder infection. I am hoping that it is just a bladder infection and hopefully my poor guy will be alright soon. I am just waiting for them to call me to ask me to collect him or tell me what's going on with him.
Stanley seems so lost without Milo. He's just sitting at their favorite spot looking out the window. I think he is hoping that Milo comes home soon. He does not even want to come to me and cuddle or sleep on me when I call him (He normally will do that when he is taking a nap) he's just there by himself now.

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