Monday, March 9, 2009

Eco Friendly

I've been asking hubby to make me a decomposing bin for a long time even when we were still living up North but he refuses to let me have a decomposing bin because he's afraid that it will stink up the yard. I've heard of the benefit of having a decomposing bin for a long time and I know that loads of people have a decomposing bin and if it's done right it should not stink up the yard. When the stuff are done decomposing the soil makes a really good organic fertilizer for the plants and since I like to grow some vegetables and chili padi in summer I've been wanting to decompose so that I can use the decompose soil on my garden.
Well hubby finally built me a bin yesterday. I just need to wait for him to set the bin where I want it and I can finally decompose my kitchen scrap that I saved up yesterday. I know it takes a long time for the scraps to get decompose but I'm still excited getting my own decompose bin. My only concern is that I don't have the right ratio and the stuff is not decomposing well hence stinking up the whole yard and making a big mess at that time I know for sure hubby will make me get ride of the bin.
My second eco friendly thing I did was actually making my own enzyme. I know enzyme making is the current trend among people back home. When I went back I was complaining to my aunt that my chili padi plants dies in the house because of the aphids. The aphids will attack my plant hence killing them and my aunt's friend mentioned to me about making my own enzyme and using them to prevent the aphids. At that time I didn't know what she was talking about because I've honestly never heard of making enzymes and I didn't even know what or how is done. I came home and googled it and I found ways to make my own garbage enzymes. I am in the process of making two bottles (about 1liter bottle) of my garbage enzymes. I want to try making a small batch because I don't have a lot of kitchen scrap collected since I hardly cook this week and I am using my kitchen scrap for my decomposing bin as well. I will start with the two little bottles and see whether it is successful before attempting to make more. If it is successful I can always make more because the garbage enzymes sounds like it has a ton of benefits and it doesn't take a lot of work to make it.
My life sounds pretty sad when having my own decomposing bin and trying to make garbage enzymes is the high light of my weekend but oh well I guess I'm living in a country where I have limited friends and family and doing stuff around the house is the only thing that can keep me occupied and also helps with the environment I guess I should have no complains.

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