Friday, March 27, 2009


I've been pretty busy yet lazy at the same time. Hubby's grandma and aunt came down from up North to visit for 10 days although I don't go out with them or hang out with them all day but in a way I'm still busy. I knew that they wanted to see our house so before they arrived I had to clean and clean and clean the house to make sure that it's some what presentable. We got a book case for the living room and two wardrobe from Ikea.

I've been searching for a wardrobe high and low because I wanted to put a wardrobe in our bedroom so I can put all my handbags in the wardrobe and when we found this one we were pretty excited. When we decided to get this we were suppose to go over to Uncle and Auntie Richie's place for dinner but then hubby said that we could get it and come home but we took such a long time that I told them to go ahead with dinner first. So when we got back we quickly rushed over there for dinner because we didn't want grandma and other people to be waiting for us although we knew that they have already eaten. We ate quickly and chit chat with grandma for a little while and decided to come home to put together one of the wardrobe. One of it is already put together in our bedroom but hubby still has to add shelves for me so that I can arrange my bags the way I want. We haven't decided where to put the second one of just sell the second one. Anyway by the time we got done putting the wardrobe together and showered it was almost 1am. I've been trying to get up the same time with hubby so that he that I can help him get ready for work and I've been pretty sleepy this few days plus.
Last night grandma made homemade chicken noodle soup with homemade noodles and hubby was suppose to go over for dinner but he worked till about 9pm he didn't go over thus I was the only one that went over there. When he came home I came home and grandma send some soup over for him. Yet again another late night last night.
It is so nice when grandma and his aunt is here because they always make us dinner and we're just treated like'm going to miss them when they leave this Monday..:(
We are going to have a surprise birthday party for Aunt Richie this Sunday and I've already marinate some pork chops and chicken breast to grill this weekend. Grandma will be making the side dishes and I've already made the cake and is waiting for it to set. I am hoping that Uncle Richie did not slip a word to Aunt *finger cross*

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