Monday, March 16, 2009

Stimulating the economy

The economy is getting worst each day and to help boost the economy we decided to go on a shopping spree (not really :P).
Hubby has always wanted a good bike and we decided to check it out in REI.
He found a bike that he really liked. So we had a little talk and we decided to get the bike.

We actually bought this bike about 6 months ago and that was suppose to be for him but since my old bike doesn't ride as good compared to these he wanted me to have this and he wanted another one and since I like riding on this one too I reluctantly said yes to his purchase. So we both now have pretty good bikes and I think we won't need to get any new bicycle for a long time.
I've been meaning to get a sweater for Milo but haven't gotten the chance and since hubby wanted to go REI and petsmart is by the side of that store I made a deal with him that we would then go to petsmart to find a sweater for Milo because it has been cold this past couple of days. We got one for him but it was too big a little too big so we took the dogs to another petsmart and bought a sweater for him. I wanted to buy another matching sweater for both Milo and Stanley but I could not find any and hubby would not go for that.

Milo with his sweater

Stanley's sweater that we bought last year

Milo seems fine wearing a sweater and I'm not sure whether it keeps him warmer but what the heck I'll just let him wear it when is chilly out. Uncle and Aunt Richie was out and about and heard about me looking for sweaters for Milo actually bought two more tops for Milo. They could not find anything for Stanley.
Since everyone had something and I did not we decided go to the mall to find me something on Sunday. I was actually eyeing on a wallet because my coach wallet is a few years old and is getting dirty so I decided to go for another coach purse.
Since the weather was so chilly I've been telling hubby that I need a winter jacket for down here. I have a lot of winter jackets when I was living up North but then those jackets would be too thick for the winter down here so I opted to get something that is not so heavy for down here. We did make a dent in our bank account but then I guess we've already did our part in stimulating the economy so we should be done stimulating the economy for sometime.

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