Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wilton Cookie Cutter

From the time I learned about Wilton's product, what they sell and what they offer I fell in love with their product. I love to buy baking things from Wilton and I trust their brand.

I've looking to buy a bone shape cookie cutter so I can make treats for Stanley and Milo. While browsing through Wilton's website I saw a set of 101 cookie cutter set for a really good deal and they even have bone shape plus MORE!

I liked the plastic cookie cutter instead of the stainless steels one because I find that the stainless steels one will eventually rust a little (maybe because mine is not that expensive) whereas I have some heart shape plastic cookie cutter from Wilton that works great. I love it !I am just hoping it works as great as the once I already have but I trust Wilton products so it should be alright. :)

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