Friday, March 20, 2009


It all started with Milo when we had to take him for shots, then for bladder infection and then for his booster shots. He's going to be going to the doctor again to get neutered next month.
Then it was me because I have this cyst on my elbow and I went to the doctor to get it checked (I've had this cysts for about 6 years now) anyway the doctor thought that there was liquid inside and inserted a syringe in it to drain out the liquid but there was no liquid coming out of the syringe so the doctor had me see a surgeon. When to the surgeon on Thursday and let him look at it and scheduled a small surgery to take the cysts out next month.
Hubby's tooth chipped and he got that looked at Wednesday. Today he went to another dentist suggested by the first dentist to get a root canal. He's going to have to go back to the dentist again on Monday to get a crown mold and I'm assuming back to the dentist again several more times for the crowning stuff. I'm not sure what's going to go on but I know he'll have to go back to the dentist several more times before his tooth is fixed.
I have to check Stanley's medical record because I know he's due for his shots either in April or in May.
So yeah the whole family is going to the doctor like mad this couple of months. These couple of months is going to be an expensive month because of all the doctors expenses that we will have to fork out. I am hoping that the insurance covers some of it so we don't have to pay out that much but as for the dogs everything is out of pocket. Hopefully we'll be good when everything is said and done.*pray*

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