Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hubby's grandma is arriving sooooonn...:)

I am getting really excited today. I did a couple loads of laundry and vacuum and clean the whole house yesterday. This morning I washed and scrubbed the bath tub and the vanity area. Hubby's grandma is really cool and I like her a lot. She's reminds me of my grandma that I was very close to but not able to see her the last time she left. I really miss my own grandma and no one can replace her but it is really nice to have another grandma that showers you with lots of love :). I just love grandmothers!
Anyway grandma will be here in 5 hrs and I am getting really excited. I cannot wait for her to meet Milo and see Stanley again. She's heard so much about Milo and Sadie (SIL's dog). I can't wait to go out with her and do stuff with her. One of hubby's aunt will be coming down with her too but she's really nice and cool person so I am hoping that the next 2 weeks when they are down here will be a fun 2 weeks. I don't know what Uncle and Aunt Richie has in plan for them but then I know that they are going to be taking them to do stuff. Another thing is grandma is really good at cooking so I told Uncle Richie that I will be going over to their house to eat all the time now since grandma is here! ;) I might be able to take a break from cooking. I was thinking I might make a Chinese meal or take them out for a Chinese meal since they are down here since Chinese meals up North are so westernized and I'm sure she has not taste authentic Chinese meal before but I'm just afraid that they don't like it because they are not adapted to the different taste unlike Uncle and Aunt Richie since they live down here. I guess we'll have to see what everybody else thinks and want.

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