Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What a day....

Ever since I was little I dislike going to the dentist. I think no matter what they do it hurts my gum and teeth that's why I don't like going to the dentist because of the pain. The last time I went to the dentist was before I came to the United States for my education and that was in July/August 2002. All these years I have no problem with my teeth but I figured that I need to just get my yearly check up. I've been wanting to go to a dentist when we were living up North but I just could not find a dentist there that I trust to go.
Hubby chipped one of his filling the day we were moving down here and he hasn't gotten it fixed until two weeks ago and since he was going to a dentist that Aunt and Uncle Richie goes too I figured I should get my teeth check and clean too. I was nervous to go to the dentist because Aunt and Uncle Richie and hubby was there two weeks ago and needed a root canal so since I've not been to the dentist for so many years I was afraid I might need a root canal too. Lucky for me the dentist said that my teeth is strong and good therefore all I did was got my teeth clean (I thought that hurt too). I called hubby and Uncle Richie after I left the dentist office and told them what the dentist told me and they both said that they didn't like me :P because my teeth is good.
Anyway after my dentist appointment I decided to drop by at Target because I needed to print some pictures from the wedding out because a few months ago when I got my new camera I got some free prints from there. Initially we thought that we could print the pictures online and pick it up at the store but to find out that we had to go to the store to get that print. Since the coupon was expiring today I went to the Target that I knew had the machine. I asked the associates there if I could use the coupon before picking my pictures and she said that I could only use one couple (I have two) but any how I just went ahead and pick up my pictures and got it print. When I went to the counter to pay for my stuff another associate came over and told her that I could not use the coupon and I could only use the coupon at a Target that had a photo studio. I then asked the first associate what we are going to do now and her answer for me was I could either pay for the pictures of she could throw it away. I was pissed when she told me that because I asked her about the coupon before printing and she dare to tell me she wants to throw away my picture?NO WAY! I thought that was a bunch of RUBBISH!!I reminded her that I asked her before I printed the pictures and this is just ridiculous. The associate made a comment that I was raising my voice at her and I apologized to her and explain to her that I did not raise my voice and if I did I apologized to her and just as I finish my sentences the second associate accused me that I was there last week and she told me that I was there last week and that she told me I could not use the coupon. When I heard her say that I was FUMING mad. I said excuse me when was I there last week. I asked her to go through her security camera and see if I was there last week and if I was there I would pay for every single picture. When I asked to see the manager the first associate told me that she was the manager and I thought I was stuck. Anyway she allowed me to use ONE coupon and I had to pay for the rest which was fine but I was still fuming mad because how dare the second associate simply accused their customer and she never apologized to me!
I called Uncle Richie the moment I got out and told him what happen. He asked me why didn't I asked for a manager and I told him that I did but she said she was the manager. He said that I should have asked for the store manager and if she was the store manager get the number for the district manager. I didn't know that there was so many managers in a store that's why I didn't ask for another manager. He then told me to get the number of the Target I was at and called the store manager. I then called the store manager and told him everything and how upset I was because his associate did not apologize to me!He was very apologetic to me and he asked me to go back to the store so that he could refund me and give me more free prints.
Honestly I was not asking for any free prints or anything I was just really upset because I really hate being accused with things I didn't do or say. I get really upset if I'm accused like this and not getting any apology from them. I am anyhow a customer and I didn't think that I should be treated this way. I even told the manager if I really wanted scam for some free pictures does he think that I would go to the same store two times? I am not even going to through looking for the store number and wasting my time to file a complain. I called to complain because I was so very upset with the service I got (or didn't get).
I'm so glad that Uncle Richie thought me what to do. Hubby just said that he was glad that he was not with me. Hubby don't like to confront anyone if he didn't have to and I think if he was there he would just ask me to pay for the pictures and go but because of me being me I would not just let that slide.

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