Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sunshine Shelter

Once again I have a stray in my house!This time round hubby didn't find her it was SIL that found her. She is a little pit bull and we think she's about 10-12 weeks old. She is such a sweet heart and she loves to cuddle I fell in love with her the moment I picked her up. SIL can't keep her in the apartment and her apartment complex do not allow pit bulls so we are keeping her hopefully till tonight because I think SIL found her a home. I named her Sydney!!I love her so much but having THREE dogs is way too much for me and since she's still a puppy she needs to be trained and I just don't have the patient and the energy to train her.

She hates to go into the crate and because she is a puppy she wants constant attention. We left her to sleep in the crate last night and she pee in there. This morning I had to get up early so I took all three dogs out to do their business and I crated them up after feeding them etc. When I came back I came back to a night mare. Sydney pooped in her crate and is stunk up my whole kitchen. I could not have enough time to open the windows and air the whole house out. Thank god is nice and warm out so I can actually open the windows and the door. I had to spray a ton of air refreshner in the kitchen too. I love her so much but then I don't want to go through the ordeal to train her. Is bad enough having to watch Milo (he's still in the process of training although he's much better) I cannot imagine watching a little puppy like Sydney anymore. I hope that SIL found her a really good loving home. I am sure she will as she has so much love for all these dogs too. We might have though of keeping her if we didn't already have two dogs but THREE is just too much of a hassel at this moment! *faint* I just wished that she was going to be living closer and I'm able to see her more..sigh...

She honestly looks much cuter in person!:)

Now I have her chained out in the yard because she needs to go to the bathroom all the time and I don't want to be watching her all day long but poor Sydney she's just whining because she wants someone to play with her. Never the less after all the pooping and peeing I still think she's cute!

So yeah we have another stray in the house I am not sure when has my house actually became animal shelter place :). We have strays so often ever since we moved down here to Houston. Uncle Richie's friend was like "what's up with your family? You guys are always finding stays left and right" LOL. Uncle and Aunt Richie has found a ton of stray too before this so this is not anything new to them!

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