Monday, April 6, 2009

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Restaurant

I was driving back from a job interview heading towards the Asian grocery store a couple of months ago I saw a sign that says KL Malaysia restaurant and I was hyped when I saw the sign. This restaurant didn't look like it was a nice Malaysian restaurant like you get in Chicago or New York but heck I thought I wanted to go there and try no matter what. At least I found a Malaysian restaurant in town that I could go to if the food was good.
Last Saturday after some shopping (will blog about it another time) we decided to stop there for lunch. Remember I found this a couple of months ago but hubby always likes to eat Mexican food that we don't really eat other kind of food when he decides he wants to eat out. I could suggest going some place else but then I know hubby's love for Mexican food and I don't mind it so I will normally just go eat what he wants to.
When we arrived at the restaurant we were hungry so we ordered a bunch of food.
Roti Canai

Chicken Satay

We started off with some "appetizer"which was the Roti Canai and the Chicken Satay. The roti canai and the satay was pretty good but I didn't care for the peanut sauce for the satay. It is not like the real peanut sauce that comes with the satay back home. I think I could make a better sauce than what they gave us.
Chinese BBQ pork aka char siew fried rice

Asam Laksa

Kuala Lumpur Hokkien Mee

Hubby ordered the rice while the greedy me ordered the Asam Laksa and the Hokkien Mee. We knew we could not finish everything but then we wanted to try the different they had there and we also knew that it would not be like what they would have back home but we were hoping at least it would be close to what they would have back home.
I could make a better fried rice than what they had there. I would not say that is horrible and for people who doesn't know how to cook or for some locals there I'm pretty sure that it taste good but for me I think it was just so so. When I first tried the Asam Laksa I thought it was pretty tasteless and asked the waitress for more har kow (shrimp paste). She insisted that they had some there but I could not taste it that's why I asked her for more. I remember many years ago when I wen to Penang my aunt made homemade Asam Laksa and it tasted much better than this but I would give them the excuse that we might not have everything or every ingredient to make a better Asam Laksa but I'm pretty sure they could have made something better than what they served. The hokkien mee was nothing to shout about too. I've tried making hokkien mee with directions from Lily's website and it tasted better than what I had there. The reason might be because there was not enough heat from the wok or because their wok is not seasoned enough but since its a restaurant I would assume that their wok would be seasoned enough unless they just changed a new wok.
I was pretty disappointed with the main meal there. I know a lot of all these food I could make at home but I just wanted to find somewhere that I could go eat so that when I'm lazy to cook I can go there to eat or just take guests there. I don't think I'll take any guest there for them to try because I honestly don't think that it is anything great to go again. Hubby thought that we should go again next time and order different food. I would not say no but then I'm pretty hesitant to go back again.
I had to ask them to pack up the food that we could not finish to take home and I told them to give me some sambal belacan (which was not that good to begin with) so I would be able to eat it with my hokkien mee at home and they charged me a whopping 0.50 cents for what looks like a drop of sambal belacan.

They even gave us dessert after we paid the bill. I am not sure what this is called but it tasted pretty good and I know I've had it before but just not sure the name of it. If my mom was there she would surely be able to tell me the name of it.
Overall the service was decent (there was this chubby girl I think might be the owners daughter just sitting down watching her movies on the lap top she didn't even move when there were more customers and only one waitress). Hubby said the interior reminds him of KL (duhh) they decorated it with pictures from Malaysia. I would not recommend it like it was one of the best restaurant in town but if people would ask if there was any Malaysian restaurant in Houston, TX I let them know about this one. Like hubby said if we go there next time we should try something else and see the verdict but this time I was not impressed at all with the food there.

Address for the restaurant
7818 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX 77036
(713) 981-8822

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