Monday, April 6, 2009

Sore muscles, body aches and tanned skin

Most weekends hubby just likes to laze around the house or just chill out but every since he got his new bicycle he's been wanting to go cycling every weekend. Last Saturday morning we decided to stop at REI his now favorite store to look for a bicycle rack so that we could put a small bag for drinks, phone, etc when we go riding. He found a rack for my bicycle (it would not fit his because he has disc breaks) but not his so I'm really sure he's going to be looking for one for this next few weeks or sooner until he finds one. After REI we went to the Asian grocery store to get some vegetables for the week or two weeks before going for lunch here.
On our way home hubby suggested we got a new refrigerator because he wants one that has the water and ice maker function. Our current refrigerator has an ice maker function but he needs to get some parts for it to make it work but is not two door. He's been wanting a two door refrigerator for quite some time now. Well in that case I suggested we change our washer too and since he's always wanted a front load washer he agreed. I just want a washer that is energy efficient and wash the clothes cleaner (because I don't know why we always have a ton of laundry and hubby always work of stuff and have dirty clothes to wash). So we came home and did some research on what brand of refrigerator we wanted and headed to bestbuy to look at it. I seriously was so frustrated at bestbuy because the sales people would NOT leave us alone and was telling us a bunch of BS. We just want a washer that will wash King size sheets, blankets etc, energy efficient and does a good job and he was telling me about steam washing, sanitizing, power silver wash etc..It was just too much and I wanted to just go. We decided to wait with the appliance and headed home because we were suppose to go our for dinner with his aunt and uncle. We obviously had Mexican food again but it was not bad. Services was not the greatest because there was a lot of people and the food were pretty good but I still prefer Los Cucos for the food, price and service.
Sunday we got up bright and early to have breakfast and more research online for the appliances. We decided to head to homedepot better because they were there to help you when you needed them but they would leave you alone too and they would not force to show you the most expensive appliance they have there. We went ahead and ordered our appliance at to see what they have there. We like homedepothomedepot because the services was good, price was reasonable and they had free shipping too!
We got back a little afternoon and I asked hubby what he wanted to do and obviously his answer was nothing and he just wanted to go for a ride on his bicycle later. I don't blame him since he works so much during the week but there is just a bunch of stuff that needs to get down around and in the house. Hubby cleared up most of the branches while I weeded. Then I trimmed Milo and Stanley's fur. Hubby was burning some of the branches and leaves so he had to watch the fire so it doesn't go out of control and while he was doing that I mowed the lawn. He cleared out a pile of the branches (there is still another pile) and stuff from the shed while I did other things. By the time we got done it was almost 8pm. We were both dead tired, Our muscles are sore and body and legs ache so bad not forgetting getting a tanned from the hot sun (I always forget to apply sunblock lotion)argghhh....
We are so proud of ourselves because we now have a nicer, cleaner and neater back yard. Oh and hubby finally built me a cover for my decomposing bin. I've had the decomposing bin and have been decomposing my stuff but did not have a cover on because hubby was too busy to built me a cover but yesterday he finally did it while I was bathing the dogs and washing the tub :). How I wish we have a maid??

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