Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I'm itchy!!!Nope not because I have allergies or anything like that. I'm just itchy to buy something for myself. I've not bought any thing for myself for quite some time now. These past few weeks I've been going to different malls AND going to different sites online but I cannot find anything that I really like or that I would like to buy.

I guess it is not a bad thing since times are hard now and we should safe as much money as we can but for me once in a while I like to reward myself with presents to make myself happier. It is not like I'm not happy but I just like to buy something for myself once in a while.

This is the worst and the most see lai (housewife)/aunty problem I'm facing is that I'm actually eying on stuff for the kitchen. I'm actually of thinking of buying electrical or accessories that I can use in the kitchen. OMGosh how see lai is that?

Oh well I guess I won't get frustrated over this that much because I would find something I like eventually

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