Friday, July 10, 2009

Welcoming hostess

I am very picky when it comes to having the house clean. Honestly I am a slob as in I have stuff laying around but I cannot have a dirty house. I vacuum and clean the house quite frequently. The other day SIL and Uncle Richie was over and the dogs was running outside somehow they managed to run into the kitchen without getting cleaned first. I had to vacuum the floor there and then because there was sand, grass etc in the house. My feeling is I tackle the dirt before it spreads to other places.

Anyway I was just wondering when someone goes and stay at other people's house do they expect the host to clean up after them? If it was you who stayed at some one's house do you just leave glasses on the counter after using it, leave the filter pitcher empty after you are done drinking the water from the pitcher, walk around people's house with shoes when no one else is doing it, etc..

I don't even do any of the above even when I went back to Malaysia and stayed my parents. I wash my own glass, plates etc. I was so frustrated when we had "guest" staying with us a few months ago because they either walk in and around the house with their shoes or they walk out of the house without shoes and walk around the house after that!!argghhh...I would wake up in the morning (my guest normally would be gone on their daily activities) with dishes in the sink, empty glasses everywhere and the filtered water pitcher empty. The guest do not even have the tendency to fill up the water again!

My water pitcher looks like this but different brand. How difficult is it to fill it up with water after one finish every single drop of water in it?

I know that they are visitors and I don't expect them to do anything but just pick up after themselves. I am not even asking them to clean my house. Every single time my parents comes and visit us they will help me clean the house and I'm not even asking that from my guests! I guess some people can say that I am home and not working anyway BUT I feel even if I'm home I'm not here to clean up after people. I have my own chores and I have my own things to do and is not fair that I have to clean up after the visitors.

I am not sure whether am I just really picky or I do have the right to feel this way. Is it a normal attitude for visitors to behave? Am I just over reacting? Don't get me wrong I love having visitors. I love having people in my house but I just dislike the one that wants me to pick up after them!

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