Saturday, July 11, 2009

Seeing Double?

Stanley and Milo is my pride and joy. Although they upset me when they misbehave every now and then I love them very very much. The first 10 minutes when I picked Stanley up from the shelter I was freaked out with the responsibility and I wanted to returned him. I am glad that we didn't and I'm glad that we decided to adopt a pet from the shelter instead of getting it from a pet shop or from a breeder (Around that time I watched one of Oprah's episode about the horrible puppy mills).

Since moving here to Texas we have found many stray dogs here and tried our hardest to find a good home for the dogs. We do not want to put any dogs in the SPCA because there is over flow of pets in the shelter and if the dogs are not adopted they will be put to sleep.

Among all the dogs that we found we decided to keep one. I named him Milo and he's such a little sweet heart. I never thought that I could love another dog apart from Stanley but I did. I love them so much!

Anyway I followed to hubby to work last weekend and we pass by a Petco. I had run in to get some stuff for the dogs and I saw a few dogs from the SPCA to hopefully get them adopted. One of the dog looked so much like my little Milo.

(L) Milo look a like. (R) Milo
My heart almost dropped when I saw him. When I saw the dog in the crate I cannot help thinking about my Milo. I cannot believe that he look so much like Milo. His fur just looks trimmed/shorter than Milo's. My wanted to just take him home so bad. I told hubby about it as soon as I went back in the vehicle. I know that if I push him a little bit more I might be able to persuade him to get Milo look a like but I already have two dogs at home. Two is not plenty but it is enough for me. When I had three dogs in the house I was just hanging to thin ice. I could barely deal with three dogs and it would not make sense for us to have three dogs. I wanted the Milo look a like so bad but I knew I should not. I knew it would be too much for us (two is already a mad house some times).

I'm really hoping that someone nice would adopt Milo look a like. I am really hoping that people out there will check their local shelter/SPCA before buying an animal. The local shelter always has plenty of dogs and is waiting for a good home. Just remember that if you don't see a pet that you want you can always tell them to look out for the one that you want. Also you should check out the surrounding shelter for better option. People should really help out the pets in the shelter if they are looking for one. The animals there are normally well trained and well behave and if there are anything wrong with them the shelter will inform you about it.

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