Thursday, July 30, 2009

Web hosting service

I’ve been blogging in the blogging world for about 6 years plus now. I first started using xanga and eventually I switched to blogspot. I love the idea of blogging because I can write about anything online and post it and yet have it forever because I can always login to my page and read it over and over again. I’ve been pretty happy using both xanga and blogspot but I’ve been thinking of getting my own website for quite some time what more hubby gave me the ok signal to go ahead and get one.

I came across Web Hosting Geeks while trying to do some comparison and research on which web hosting provider I should use. I like this website because they have really detailed information that I need to know to easily choose which provider I should use. I am actually thinking going with Inmotion because they offer unlimited space and traffic for just $8.95 a month and they have about 98% host rating the best among the list that they have. I don’t think is that bad to have my own website for just under $10 a month! I could just tell hubby to not eat out one meal during lunch and it would pay for my own website..muahhh

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