Monday, November 9, 2009

Heart attack moment!

Milo gave me a heart attack twice on two different day last week. My house is fenced and we've gone all over the area to make sure that there are no holes so Milo and Stanley would not be able to run away. There are a ton of wild rabbits in our neighborhood and for some reason they always find ways to come in to our yard hence we don't let them go out at night by themselves.

Anyway we have a shed at the corner of our yard and hubs has tried to put stuff in between the shed and the fenced so that the dogs cannot run behind the fence. Hubs obstacle has been working for a long time now so I am not worried about them running away. One evening when I let them out (I didn't have my glasses) and I thought Milo ran away and Stanley was just standing near there. I called and called for Milo but he would not come to me or answer me so I quickly coax Stanley in the house and drove my car to the side of my house (I don't have a side gate and is far to walk to the side of the house) and when I called for Milo I saw Milo running to me from the other side of the fence. I told Uncle Richie and hubby about it but they said he was just hiding the other side of the yard and he just ignored me when I called him so I assumed that I was just being paranoid.

Since I thought I was just hallucinating yesterday that Milo ran away I decided to just let Milo and Stanley go out by themselves. Milo ran straight to the hole that he ran away yesterday and proceeded to run outside of the yard. I was bitten a live by the mosquitoes outside (Arghh!!) and could still not find the hole but I knew that Milo was outside because I saw him outside the fenced! I tried to ask him to come to me and even had treats which he would normally but he did not this time. I started getting paranoid and I tried calling hubby and Uncle Richie and no one would answer my call. I quickly coax Stanley in the house again and grab my car keys (I was trying to call hubs) to drive to the side of my yard. Anyway as I was heading out I saw hubby outside on the phone. At the same time he was coming home to get some stuff for work and I told him that Milo ran away and I was going to drive to the side of the house to look for Milo. I told hubby to try and coax Milo to go back in the yard because Milo and Stanley normally gets pretty excited when hubby gets back from work because he's gone all day. Anyway when I got to the side of my house I saw hubby lifting Milo. Hubby said he called Milo and Milo ran to him. Hubs said that Milo ran around the shed and go out through a very small hole (We still need to fix that. The hubs has been busy lately).

As I was driving to the side of my house I was almost brawling. I took some pictures with Milo last night and I thought that it would be my last picture with him. My mind was just going every where and when I was driving to the side of my house I actually saw a big black and brown rottweiler and I thought that would be the life of my Milo now. My last hope is that even though he managed to run away I was hoping that he would be returned since he was micro-chipped and he had a tag on him.

I am so thankful that hubby was home the same time and that Milo ran to him. He normally comes to me when I call him numerous times and especially he hears the bag of treats. I think is time to go to the dog park again since he must be pretty bored. Now they are not allowed to go out back by themselves until hubby has time to fix the whole and make sure the there is no other hole yet!


2crazydogs said...

The pictures you took with Milo are so sweet. Love it, very cute.

My heart would skip a few beats too if it's me. Even seeing the dogs run out of the yard I get jumpy. Yes, good thing your hubby was home and able to call Milo back. Do you notice that dogs listen to men better? It could be just my dogs, then all listen to my hubby better which everyone told it's the men's voice - loud and deep.

Sunshine said...

I always think they don't listen to me because they are with me all the time. I think they both listen to us. Stanley listen to hubby a little more and Milo listens to me more I think.


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