Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A visit to the podiatrists

Hubby's foot has been hurting him since we move down here and we actually have no idea why. We told Aunt L about it and she recommended a podiatrists to hubby. The doctor that hub visited showed hubs some stretching exercise and say that it would help him. Hubby is still waking up with pain in his feet and if he stand or walk a little off will actually hurt him. Too bad Dr. Les Glubo do not practice here hence hubby is not able to go to his clinic for a consultation if not I am sure Dr. Les Glubo would be able to help him. Dr. Les Glubo not only could help patients with problems with their foot hurting but he offers toe nail fungus treatments as well. Dr. Les Glubo practices in Manhattan and for who ever that is living there or even near that I would recommend you to go see him if you need to see a podiatrists because he's know to offers complete, compassionate podiatry in Manhattan.


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