Friday, November 27, 2009

Target and their extremely horrible customer service!

Target had some great deals for small kitchen appliances for their black friday sale. So on Friday morning the hubs and I headed to Steeplechase Target which was a huge mistake to see if they had it there when we get there. I've had horrible customer service at this Target when I went there the last time but decided to go there again because there was a Home Depot there and a WalMart there which we wanted to go so I suggested going to Steeplechase since some of the stores we wanted to go was there. I've not been back there ever since my last incident but decided to give it another chance. So hubby dropped me off at Target while he went to Home Depot to get his own stuff.

When I first got there I went straight to the small kitchen appliance area looking for the mini crockpot I wanted which was selling for $3.00 but could not see any and I asked a Sales Associate there which she told me there was none left. I decided to walk around and got a couple of stuff and walked back to the small kitchen appliance area to see if they had any that someone returned of left because they changed their mind. When I was there a guy carted a bunch of small kitchen appliances and I saw one crockpot there. I was excited because I was the only customer there and was about to take it when a female sales associate took it and scan it on her little computer which she had so I assumed that she was just doing inventory or something to make sure that the store computer system knew that there was one left. When she was done I asked her for it because I was still the only one there which she replied to me that she was holding it for a customer. I was like what? How can you hold a black friday item for a customer plus there was no one else there except me. The item was not there before and since it just came the customer would not know that the item would be there right? I told her that it was wrong for her to hold it for a customer since it was a black friday sale and she then rudely said here you take it then! I was then so pissed I said NO I'm not going to take this if she wants to hold it for her customer she can have it and I left all my stuff there. I was so angry at that time but she already walked away. The guy sales associate was still standing there with another sales associate. So I asked the guy what was her name and I was going to complaint to the store manager. He told me he didn't know her name! I was like how can you not know her name when you were talking to her and I heard you calling her name when he first carted the items there. He refused to tell me the name so I just asked the other female sales associate there where was the store manager and stormed off to the store manager.

When I went to the store manager I was very polite and nice to him. I told him the whole story and told him that I thought it was wrong for her to hold the item for a customer. His explanation to me was that the customer must have just walked away to the rest room or some where and she was just holding it for the customer. I told him that there was none of the item there to begin with and I was the only one there when the guy carted the items to that area so how could she hold it for a customer? Since it was a black friday sale I don't think that there would be any keeping of an item for the customer it would be first person to come the first person to get it. I also said that she was RUDE to me too. Then I said when I asked for the rude sales associate name the guy sales associate told me that he doesn't know her name which was bull shit because when he first carted the items he called her name and talked to her! The store manager stupid excuse was that there is a lot of new employees so everyone doesn't know everyone's name. I then told him that they talked and I heard him calling her name so I'm sure he knows her name. Then the store manager proceed to tell me that is a busy friday morning. Do I look like I care that is a busy friday morning? I was so very pissed off that time and the store manager offered to check me out. I told him I'm NOT buying anything there and walked away.

When I got out I told hubby all about it and he was very supportive about this incident even though he's non confrontational. I told him that I would call the District Manager to complain because the store manager was no help and didn't even make the situation better. I'm so surprise that hubby didn't try and stop me because he thinks that they are wrong this time again.

When I called the store to ask for the DM's number and name the girl connected me to the store manager again because she didn't know the DM's name or number. The store manager didn't make any more attempt to apologized what so ever and just gave me the name and number (uncle Richie says that he knew he screwed up). I called the number and the DM's assistant said that the DM was out all day. I told the assistant what happened and he told me that he'll get the DM to call me back either Monday or latest Tuesday. I told hubs that if I don't hear from the DM by Tuesday I would call the Area Manager or who ever that is higher post than the DM.

Urgghhh...This whole incident makes me so piss off because I've gotten horrible service the last two times I was there. The last time I was there was in March and I never went back there. I've been to other Target several times but not this Target. For sure I will not go to this Target again and depending on what happens I might or might not ever go to Target again.

Who ever that is living in Houston, TX do not go to this Target because they have extremely horrible customer service there! I hope that the same incident will not happen to anyone else because they are so rude to you and I feel like they don't respect their customer at all and if they don't why should I go there and spend my money there.


2crazydogs said...

Wow, that was definitely bad customer service. The store manager should at least make it up for the rude female sales associate. I go to Target all the time, almost every week and have never experience bad customer service.

Did you have a good Thanksgiving?

Sunshine said...

I used to go Target all the time when I was living up North. I do go Target once in a while here but I would definitely not go back to that store that's all. If I have to complain up to MN where their main office is I will too!!So pissed off with them!

Thanksgiving this year was relaxing and low key. We didn't have any turkey. How was urs? How was DB's?Did he make it home?

2crazydogs said...

Hubs didn't come back which I thought he wouldn't. He and the whole family with the exception of the second youngest plus family and youngest sister were not there...not invited. It was his first T-day dinner with his mom after 30 years.

My Thanksgiving was good. Spent it with a church member's family at their home. Good food and company.


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