Monday, November 30, 2009

Target update!

I got up today and I thought that I should not be waiting for Target District Manager to call me. So by noon since he hasn't called (I know his assistant said that he'll call me latest by Tuesday) I called him and his assistant told me that he was out at the stores. He said that he told me that the DM was going to be calling me latest by Tuesday so I then told the assistant that if I don't hear by from the DM by Tuesday he should be ready to give me the Area Manager name and number.

Not even 30 minutes after that I got a call from the DM. He wanted to know what happen and I told him the whole story. He apologized to me and he didn't try to stand up for his employees which I am really happy because that would piss me off even more. It makes me feel like he acknowledge his store's mistake. He told me that he spoke to the store manager to understand the whole situation. I did ask him what the store manager told him but he didn't want to tell me.

Anyway he assure me that Target cares about their customer and they care about their customer service. He said that he just took over this position (which was a classic excuse I think) and he's trying to make the store better. He'll try and improve the customer service of his stores.

The end result was he is going to send me a $15 gift card. I think it was a little cheap of them to send me a $15 gift card but then I thought about it that I was not expecting anything when I went to complain to the store manager. If he would have did his job right they would not even need to give me anything. I was not expecting anything anyway but since they were going to give me a $15 gift card I figured what the heck. I didn't want to ask for more and sound greedy too. Although I was given a $15 gift card I would definitely NOT go back to the same store! It was a little something but I thought it was better than nothing. At least I got to give a piece of my mind to the DM and he didn't make it sound as though he was trying to stand up for his employees. Hopefully no body will need to go though the same thing I did at Target because it was a really frustrating situation. What a waste of my time to need to call here and there!


2crazydogs said...

But at least the DM knows that the customer service at that particular sucks and needs to buckle up. Yes it is a waste of time to call and wait. If it's me, I would have said forget it coz I'm not good in stating my point! Normally the hubs will do it for me or I will tell him about it and he would know what to do! Talking about relying on the hubs!!!

Sunshine said...

If it is up to my hubs he would not call for me because my hubby is non controversial he would try not to complain as little as possible. For me if I'm angry I will let people know I'm angry. Very rarely I keep it to myself. I'm not very good at stating my point too but then I learn I guess. When I'm angry I will just say what is in my mind which is very bad but I'm still learning to "say the right thing". I think the DM don't want me to chew his ass and just want me to get off the phone I really doubt he'll do anything he just said that to shut me up I think. Very very rarely they will actually do anything.


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