Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I was talking to a dear friend yesterday and he was telling me that he's playing around in face book..He insisted that I give facebook a try. I've heard tons of stories that facebook is really addicting but I was thinking what the heck I'll join and see what happens..To find that I'M CURRENTLY ADDICTED to it. I met up/found so many people that I didn't think that I would ever talk to again unless I happen to meet them on the streets sometime this life..But I did I found them..OMG it's getting so exciting..I even found some of A's cousins and talking to them. You see him and his extended families don't really hang out a lot or see each other; the last time we saw most of them/I met most of them was during our reception. He was pretty close to this one particular cousin but then they moved on and still kept in touch here and there. I know him too and he's a fun guy..So we've been messaging back and forth..I might be missing for awhile now neglecting my blogs and everything else (Stanley) lol..

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