Monday, October 29, 2007

Well..before I go any further I just want to clarify that my baby/Stanley is actually my puppy..I know a lot of people were actually confused about that because they thought that he was my kid..LOL..which is funny because in a way I do treat him like my kid. I cannot believe that a love for a pet could be this deep is just really amazing to me. He has changed my life just like I'm assuming if I ever have a kid I would feel the same.
Finally settling in..Well..First I had get use to the schedule of working and dealing with Stanley then I was going to have a garage sale with L and I had to take half a day Thursday off last week because I had an appointment to go to therefore I had to work extra to make up for the time and tried to bake stuff to sell at the garage sale. It was just a crazy week. I had to rush home, get Stanley and try and make dinner after that, do some house stuff and then bake something..I baked brownies and banana muffin but never had a bake sale because I just didn't know what to bake...Thursday night I had to go over to L's place to arrange my stuff and tag the items since she was going to start it on Friday but because I had to work so she was going to do it with her mom and grandmother while I would go over on Saturday.
Friday I didn't cook therefore we went out and ate buffet. I ate so much that A was asking if I was done eating..LOL..then we went to Target after that because obviously we were too full to go home and sit around...
Saturday night we were having dinner and I had craving for some fried chicken...I wanted some at midnight and obviously there was no way we could get any so I had to wait until Sunday to get it.sob sob..
Sunday we spend a chunky of our time at A's parents house because he had to fix something with his truck and Stanely and I visited grandma and grandpa. After that we went to Chicken Unlimited to get some fried chicken which was a huge DISAPPOINTMENT. Every single person I spoke to said that this place has the best fried chicken better than KFC etc but A and I didn't enjoy our chicken at all..I still wished that I didn't insist going there instead KFC would be yummy...arghh.....but I'm sick of fried chicken at least for a while...maybe till this weekend..LOL..
We still need to get our wireless crap fixed I'm hoping that would be done SOON..oh BTW I made some homemade fries in the over last week (I had craving for fries and I was out of frozen once) it was really yummy and healthier than McD's but if you ask me to choose obviously I would still prefer my McD's fries but I like my homemade one too..When I make again I'll post some pictures and recipe. I didn't take any pictures because I didn't know if it was going to work/taste good.

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