Monday, October 8, 2007

Feels like Christmas

I feel like it's already Christmas for A and I..Yesterday we went to a little boy's birthday party. After the party was done we came home to see Stanley..I was about to fall asleep when A said let's go shopping..I'm like huh..we are not supposed to spend anymore money we have everything we possibly need and more!!!But I still agreed to go..who would refused a shopping trip..LOL...but then again maybe I should have said no..
My damage was a Skinny Jeans from Levis because I wanted to try one and Levis was a decent price, A pair of Hello Kitty pajamas which mind you A chose that (He was going to buy the robe too but I told him no because I just bought a Paul Frank one from Orlando, FL last year but now looking at it online I wish we got it..OMG..I'm HORRIBLE..I have 3 robes that I hardly wear actually!!*faint*)and I did not insist of buying it and the most absurd one we bought for me was a Wilton cake decorating set. I've always like decorating cakes but do not have all the adequate tools and the talent. A mentioned that I should just get this set but its pretty expensive for me to have since I don't know how to use most of the tools anyway..then he said that when I get this set I should be able to learn how since it has instructions and I can attend some of the classes offered if I wanted to..So we ended up getting these..I don't even know why I need all these but we bought it..I guess it makes me happy knowing that I have it..

A's damage wasn't so bad..He just bought 5 polo tees and his tool set that's all..But I don't know what's wrong with him yesterday he just wants me to buy everything that I like..hmp..It makes me feel like he's being up to no good. Normally when he's like that it's when he wants something so he'll let me buy anything I want and then he'll tell me what he wants by then he's already bought me so many new stuff I feel bad telling him No to what he wants..that's always his little trick..and every single time I fall into his little trap..Let's see what will he ask for this time..I can only imagine actually...*faint*

Although we had to do it really quickly because the stores was closing early I did have fun..I really love to shop and I don't need to!!!..Well I've transformed A from not shopping when he was single to loving to shop..I think that one maniac loving to shop is enough but with a buddy its always more*wink*


shern's mom said...

you really need to tell me your secret of how you transform an anti-shopper to a shopaholic!
my husband got phobia of shoppin centre like that.

how nice of him to let you buy buy buy. but like you said, sometimes the nicest thing about buyin is that you know you get to own it, not so much that you need it.

Sunshine said...

I don't really have a secret..I just take him with and have him buy stuff too..He used to have a LIMITED collection of clothing now he has as much if not more than me..When his own sister came over and visited and saw his clothing she shook her head because she was surprise with her brother's collection.

Like I also said he let me buy buy buy and he's going to drop a bomb soon that he wants something and almost all the time it's expensive items too..


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