Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Monster got loose!!!

I followed A to work yesterday morning and as usual we will take Stanely out feed him and take him downstairs to his pan before we leave. A was rushing me yesterday and I was responsible to put him in his pan. When I came home last night I went downstairs to take him out of his pan so that he could go outside but when I went down I saw stuff shredded everywhere..but Stanley was in his pan..I was surprised and nervous thinking some animal came in and shred my stuff. I quickly called A to come down with me to investigate. We found out that I didn't latch him in properly and he got out of his pan!! So he was roaming freely in the basement yesterday while we were gone for 12 hours!!*faint*. The damage was not that bad, he only chewed two pairs of my slippers and a pair of latex gloves *phew*..Thank god nothing bad happened to him like him chewing on the electric cable or anything poisonous. I would feel like shit if I went home and found him dead because I didn't lock him up properly. Luckily we always have the basement door shut when we leave if not I cannot imagine the damage he would have done being able to roam freely in the whole house...I have to make sure to latch him properly next time..Hopefully this will NOT happen again..that gave me a fright.


Sass said...

thats quite cute tho. he got out yet he went back in!

our dogs hv never been confined to a cage/pan previously they roam abt the hse freely.

now that we take them to the kennel to get their bath, de-flea and clip nails they whine n cry each time they are confined!

Sunshine said...

You mean they are able to roam freely even when you were in Syd?
Its not that bad for yours because they are just in the kennel for a short amount of time when they get stuff done to them.. I cannot let mine roam freely because he refuse to go to the paper on his own that's why he need to be confined in a play pan..I don't trust him to roam around the house by himself though and I think we would never trust him..LOL..he sleeps with us in the bedroom but in his crate LOCKED..hehehe..don't want him to have accidents or anything..

Sass said...

yeap in sydney and actually here they roam about freely. they are quite good tho they dont pee at night unless they really have to and even then they try to wake me up.

toshi at times when he's angry at us will leave sprinkles of pee here and there but other than that....its all good!

Sunshine said...

Where do they sleep now at fel's place? With fel or what? Do they still go on the paper at fel's place?

Sass said...

sleep with Fel. don't go on paper anymore since there's someone to watch them 24/7. every few hours the houseboys take them out to the garden.

every morning at 6am the houseboys knock on the door to get them from Fel.

Sunshine said...

Icic..Do you think they will forget how to go on the paper ever? Does fel put some papers in his room in case they have to go? Wow even the dogs are living the life of luxury..LOL


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