Friday, October 26, 2007

This week is just insanely busy..First the wireless router was down at home for a couple of days which made it difficult to go online, then it's just been a hectic week..

Anyway just wanted to say that daddy took Stanley to work with him today. Go figure who spoils him more? He just mentioned the other day that I have to stop obsessing about him that much and now he's taking him to work. I hope that both of my male will survive each other today.

Will update more soon..probably when this weekend is here..


shern's mom said...

huh? bring him to work?? how to work with a dog in the office? can meh?

Sunshine said...

LOL...if he's working in the office he just lets him run around in the office..he's normally on the road and goes on service calls different places so he just stays in the tuck when he's out..

Sass said...

hey since u started working again you haven't been updating much!!

don't neglect us! hehehe

Sunshine said...

haha..I want to update but I was just awefully busy last week that's all..will update really soon..hey you should post more pictures too!!!


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