Monday, January 7, 2008

Getting a better care

People come and go. As I mentioned in the last post about hubby’s grandfather passing away leaving grandma all by herself in a big old house but luckily I ran across a website-bettercaring a service for people to look after themselves or their loved ones. I am also able to do research for care homes around our area. Grandma is planning to stay at her current house until next summer now with this website we can search for a place that fits grandma’s requirements. It’s not going to be easy for grandma to search for a home and leave the one behind that she and grandpa built. Since grandma is pretty old herself she and her kids decided that it’ll not be wise to stay by herself and upkeep it. If grandma finds a suitable home at bettercaring she is going to have the help she needs and also meet new people her age and maybe reunite with her friends might already be staying at care homes.

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