Thursday, January 10, 2008

Online Shopping Cart

XY loves to design and make beaded jewelry and he design is really pretty. She makes them and sells it to people at work and to friends. She has an idea that she wants to start selling it online. I told her than I came across ashop which is a online shopping cart software. It is affordable software, easy to use and accepts most major credit cards since her buyers would mostly have to use their credit cards to pay for the items. This ecommerce software is so easy to set up that she will have one less item to worry about. There is even a 10day trial for this software to see if she likes it which I doubt she will have any complains about it. All she needs to do now is to design more unique jewelry so that she can post and sell it online. I told her that she should get right to it so that no time is wasted and money can be earned. :)

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