Friday, January 18, 2008


It’s been a long time since I blogged about my little baby. Daddy forgot the camera for the third class and then that was the end of my picture taking because daddy keeps forgetting. Daddy didn’t attend his 7the class because daddy was busy with school work. I told daddy that he had to attend his graduation blah blah blah. I even invited his grandma and grandpa for graduation; everyone was supposed to be there but it ended up just me and Stanley. The weather was horrible, it was snowing pretty bad and grandpa and daddy was at a site busy working away. It was about 1.5 hrs from home and I called daddy at 5pm to tell him not to even attempt speeding back as the weather was horrible. I called grandma to tell her not to come if she doesn’t feel like driving in this cold nasty weather. It was a little disappointing more for me actually because I think Stanley can care less. Anyway back to Stanley’s graduation; he was going to be tested that night itself and there was only 1st to the 4th dogs get like a ribbon. I told daddy I don’t care what number he gets I just wants him to get between one of those numbers. Even 4th place is fine with me and daddy just laughed and told me to practice more with him. I did try to practice my hand command with him but it didn’t really work and I knew that we would lose points from that and his stand command. One of the part of the exam was the dogs was supposed to sit and stay for a minute and lay and stay still for another minute. Those two minutes felt like the longest two minutes of my life. I was trying to telepathy to Stanley to please stay and NOT move and I will reward him with treats later LOL. Finally the test was done and the dogs were free to play with the agility training stuff while she go calculate the scores. Teacher finally came back with the scores. The teacher told us that no dogs scored 50/50 but I was surprise because there was a Chihuahua there that I thought improved and was quite good. Any way Stanley got the FIRST place..I was so shy yet so happy for my little fellow. The teacher made a comment that one day that he improved a lot which I agree because even his grandpa was impress with him when we went up to the cabin the last time. I want to start him on the next class but I’m going to have to see mine and daddy’s work schedule etc. I was so happy yet so shy. Man I can see myself as a competitive mother next time too. I really hope not because I don’t want to give too much pressure to my child next time that if we have one. I really hoped that his daddy was there to see him but oh well there was nothing anyone was do. I am just glad that he got something out of this class.

Daddy took a picture of Stanley when he was sleeping on our bed one night.

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