Monday, January 28, 2008

Almost Sick

The hubby was not feeling well after we got up. His body was aching, throat was hurting and head was hurting. I had to cook and get lunch/dinner ready for this week and was doing my own stuff while he was attempting to do his homework. I had to run to the grocery store to get some milk etc while he stayed home with the dog. When I came home he was in bed and looked pretty sick. I quickly made some instant porridge for him for dinner. I knew that he was really sick when he went to lay down in bed. I quickly make some chinese herb for him to drink in hope that he'll not get worst. I also drank about a mug which now I think I should have had more. This after noon at work my throat was starting to feel sore and my head was not feeling the greatest. *sigh* I was drinking tons and tons of fluids hoping that I won't get ill because I don't really want to take off as I still have tons of things to learn. I'm still filling up on fluids and trying to over come being completely sick. Wish me luck..*fingers cross*


Anonymous said...

Damn, get over yourselves. Take a weekend in Kenya and wake the F up.

Sass said...

hubby actually is willing to drink chinese herbs????

Fel will never ever do so! Have to force him to.

Sunshine said...

Hubby cannot taste the taste so he just drank it..LOL


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